LifebankUSA: More Than Cord Blood Banking

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RIDGEWOOD, N.J., Sept. 7, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Perhaps no other field of medicine is garnering more hope than stem cell research. And it is not necessarily controversial.

Stem cells derived at birth from umbilical cord blood may help treat dozens of diseases, including leukemia. Now, there's a breakthrough in stem cell science, with new technology that lets doctors recover and bank cells from the placenta, too.

"By collecting and banking stem cells from the placenta, in addition to those from the umbilical cord, parents are significantly increasing the number of stem cells banked," says Dr. Robert Hariri, who developed the new technology with a team of scientists at LifebankUSA. "These cells are a perfect donor match for the infant -- and possibly a family member -- and they improve the likelihood that a stem cell transplant, if needed, will be successful."

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