Uppsala, SWEDEN


Oasmia Pharmaceutical is being listed on NGM Equity, Sweden, on September 18th
2007. This provides private and institutional shareholders with a better place
to trade in the company's shares. 

Oasmia is now ready to move forward to provide financial institutions and large
investors with an interesting, long term investment opportunity. 

- Our product portfolio within oncology is very strong, and we are in the near
future approaching the veterinary market with a revolutionary cancer therapy
for dogs. The positive development means that Oasmia is becoming a more and
more attractive investment opportunity and that the company will benefit from
being listed on NGM Equity, says Julian Aleksov, CEO of Oasmia. 

For more information and downloading of the Listing prospectus, please visit
our website www.oasmia.com 

More information is available at www.ngm.se or www.oasmia.com
Media contact: Maria Lundén +46 (0) 18 50 54 40 e-mail: info@oasmia.com 

Oasmia Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical company that specialises in the
treatment of severe diseases. 
A pharmaceutical company based on the latest concepts in bio-organic chemistry.
The main idea is to improve the treatment of serious diseases. Primarily, this
development is in oncology and treatment with cytostatics but Oasmia also
conducts research in antibiotics, asthma and neurological diseases. Oasmia has
in-house production capacity of pharmaceuticals for clinical trials, both
company related and others. Oasmia has developed several products based on
existing pharmaceuticals in a new environment, which leads to whole new
solutions for cancer treatment. These products give Oasmia a solid product
portfolio within oncology with several products in clinical or pre-clinical