Harte-Hanks Trillium Software Releases Integrated Suite Solution for Global Data Quality

Trillium Software System, Version 11 Helps Organizations Actively Manage Data Quality Lifecycle and Supports 'Value-Based' Approach to Total Data Quality

BILLERICA, MA--(Marketwire - September 18, 2007) - Trillium Software®, a business of Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYSE: HHS), and a leading enabler of Total Data Quality solutions, today announced the release of Trillium Software System®, Version 11 a completely integrated platform for the delivery of global data quality. This new offering continues to support Trillium Software's dedication toward delivering a Total Data Quality offering that instills trust in data and an ability to help users comply with data-reliant regulatory requirements.

As more organizations link data quality with strategic business initiatives such as regulatory compliance and master data management (MDM) it is becoming increasingly common for companies to invest in data quality tools and the recommended process change driven by data governance teams. As a result, the need for an enterprise approach to data quality includes stakeholders from both business and information technology (IT) functions within most organizations.

According to a recent report by Ted Friedman at Gartner, "While the problems arising from poor quality data inside an enterprise are severe, significant challenges also arise in the communication and sharing of data across enterprise boundaries. Lack of attention to data quality in business-to-business and business-to-consumer activities increases time and cost, while minimizing the chance that organizations can achieve the high degree of 'frictionless' communication they desire. Increasingly, data quality improvement initiatives will need to focus outside the firewall, as well as internally."(1)

Trillium Software System (TSS), Version 11 offers enterprises an independent, integrated software solution that reaches across technologies, domains and business functions. It is an independent, unified platform for global data quality lifecycle management that includes data investigation, automated data improvement, and ongoing data governance and monitoring. The Trillium Software System provides all of its functionality through a single collaborative user interface for managing data quality across the enterprise. Business and data analysts, knowledge workers and data stewards are able to develop data quality standards which may be automatically deployed as services using TSS Version 11's service oriented architecture (SOA) across multiple enterprise applications and technologies. The product is designed to provide visibility into and interaction with data, its quality, and the impact of automated processes, without requiring users to have technical knowledge.

Key new enhancements in the Trillium Software System, Version 11 include:

--  Integrated UI - Provides seamless integration and coordination across
    analysis, design, development, and testing facilitating business
--  Immediate Data Review - Insight to process results reduces time spent
    confirming accuracy of improvement process.
--  Word and Phrase Analysis - Profile and process complex unstructured
    text data to define and enforce standards for domains such as products,
    parts, materials, claims, contracts, etc.
--  Time Series Analysis - Ability to view trends to see changes over
--  Integration with TS Insight 2.0 - Allows for communication of
    quantified data quality metrics and results to a wide audience.
--  API - Achieves interoperability through partners and preferred
    reporting tools.

Preparing for Master Data Management

As initiatives such as MDM continue to grow, many organizations are looking at data quality not only as part of their overall MDM strategy, but also more strategically, as an enterprise initiative in and of itself, reports the company.

"The release of Trillium Software System, Version 11 is well timed as companies start multi-year MDM integration and migration projects and do the foundation work of preparing their data for these initiatives," said Ed Wrazen, vice president, product management and strategy for Trillium Software. "The focus on data quality cannot be a 'one-time' investment that organizations make, but must be part of an ongoing strategy and implementation to help ensure the success of MDM projects."

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(1) Gartner Research "Key Issues for Data Quality, 2007." Ted Friedman. March 2007.

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