NNRF Announces Installation of FEECOM/BIECOM in Central European Nuclear Facility

Point Roberts, Washington, UNITED STATES

BERLIN, Sept. 20, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- NNRF, Inc. (Pink Sheets:NNRI) today announced that responding to the European Union's revolutionary requirement that all users of lead bring toxic emission down to zero by 2010, NNRF, a developer of proprietary shielding materials for nuclear and medical facilities, introduced FEECOM/BIECOM to a select group of technical personnel of a major European supplier and operator of nuclear facilities, E.ON. (http://www.eon.com/).

Also in attendance was the German technical survey organization TUV NORD (TUV). http://www.ensys-hannover.de/english/1202.asp TUV is involved in the nuclear licensing and surveillance processes of various nuclear facilities on behalf of the regulator. They document the safety and quality of new and existing products, systems and service the spectrum of nuclear facilities. This spectrum of services extends from nuclear power plants, fuel manufacture plants, accelerators to storage facilities for spent fuel and radioactive waste. Further, they are engaged by the relevant federal authorities for safety assessment and inspections of transportation and storage both of spent fuel and radioactive waste.

NNRF successfully concluded the seminar for E.ON and TUV in Hannover, Germany together with its strategic scientific partner for the development of FEECOM/BIECOM, the Fachhochschule Hannover. This seminar was organized for Plant and Technical Services mangers and other personnel of E.ON. E.ON, based in Duesseldorf, Germany, is one of the world's leading energy companies. The purpose of the seminar was to acquaint the technical and management personnel from E.ON and TUV on the potential future installations of NNRF's proprietary shielding materials, FEECOM/BIECOM. The seminar also included applications for shielding and disposal techniques for specific decommissioning projects both existing and planned over the next 20 years.

From this seminar NNRF expects to get a technical request from E.ON for an installation of the first production run of its composite shielding materials in a nuclear facility in Central Europe within the next 30 days and to make the effective permanent installations in the 4th quarter 2007 and the 1st quarter 2008.

From the period April to September, 2007, FEECOM/BIECOM materials have been extensively tested and multiple applications have been developed at Fachhochschule Hannover. These tests confirmed such characteristics and parameters as toxicity, flexibility, thermal characteristics, disposal following use, and corrosion resistance.

As a result, a new family of materials was designed for different applications. It is now possible to calculate all components of the application prior to commencement of production in accordance with the requirements of each specific customer installation. During these studies mechanical properties were also confirmed. This allows NNRF to offer a broad range of products. A test report of FEECOM/BIECOM is available at http://www.nnrf.com.

For X-ray protection in medical and dental applications a newly developed shielding material to substitute for lead was created with the assistance of the Fachhochschule Hannover. This newly developed application for Hospitals, X-Ray facilities in Doctor's and Dentists's offices can now be substituted for all lead shielding applications that are used daily in these facilities.

Fachhochschule Hannover and NNRF intend to commence the installation of an initial production facility in the upcoming months in Hannover. An engineering study is to be immediately undertaken jointly by NNRF and the Fachhochschule for the construction of the production facility. Equipment for this facility has been ordered and paid for.

Fachhochschule Hannover will support all scientific quality controls. This manufacturing facility will also undertake the completion of the final specifications for production of FEECOM and BIECOM for various applications to be used at the Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership ("NDEP") projects in Northwestern Russia (http://ec.europa.eu/external_relations/north_dim/).

NNRF has been chosen by the project management team of the NDEP and ICES - the Moscow based International Center of Ecological Security - as one of the sub-contractors in this US$4 Billion G-8 funded project. NNRF shielding and disposal technologies for these G-8 funded projects are currently undergoing final engineering at the Russian engineering agency charged with the responsibility of specification of the required materials for these projects.

Professor Schewe, head of the department of the Fachhochschule Hannover stated, "The scientific work conducted over the last several months with these new proprietary materials was a challenge. We are active now with marketing to joint industrial partners to develop further specifications and applications."

Dr. Engelmann, head of shielding technologies for NNRF and the inventor of FEECOM/BIECOM stated further, "NNRF anticipates implementing the first installation of FEECOM/BIECOM at a radio-nuclear medical center in Southern Germany in the fourth quarter." Dr. Engelmann added, "NNRF has entered into active promotion of our shielding materials in Europe to multiple market segments, including nuclear power plant facilities and medical facilities. Further, the European law (directive of the European commission 3099) obligates all users of lead to bring the toxic emissions down to "zero" by 2010 (see also Germany: TRGS 505, "Technical rules for hazardous materials" (www.baua.de). We believe that FEECOM/BIECOM will play a decisive role in serving as an ecologically friendly substitute of lead in global markets."


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