Vengroff, Williams & Associates Launches Deduction Management System (DMS) Version 2.0 Aimed at Streamlining Dispute Resolution Processes via the Web

Vendors, Distributors and Retailers Are Web-Connected to Streamline Dispute Resolution Process, Accelerate Cash Flow and Decrease Revenue Leakage

GARDEN GROVE, CA--(Marketwire - October 4, 2007) - Vengroff, Williams & Associates (VWA), a leading provider of receivables management and business process outsourcing solutions, today announced significant enhancements to the company's flagship Deduction Management System (DMS). DMS 2.0 combines existing operational data elements from disparate systems, customers and vendors in a centralized uniform platform to reduce costs, improve collections, achieve faster resolution and achieve incisive analysis of root causes. Additionally, DMS 2.0 is designed to improve operational excellence, customer satisfaction and most importantly, to drive toward best practices and continued process improvements by incorporating technology into what has been, traditionally, a manual-process oriented series of tasks.

VWA's DMS proprietary technology was developed to complement VWA's outsource receivables services and is ideal for global organizations that have large distribution channels or companies that sell directly to large retailers. VWA's DMS reduces the manual processes associated with high-volume deduction and the dispute resolution processes by connecting vendors, distributors and retailers via a Web-based application. Coupled with VWA's outsource solutions, the benefits of bringing together people, process, and technology are achieved with a clear ROI delivered to each client engagement. The new features allow clients to communicate collaboratively with the overall goal of reducing workload, enforcing timely follow-up, establishing accountability and facilitating the quick resolution of disputes.

"Being able to align execution with strategic intent is essential to VWA's clients and by having real-time visibility into the order, fulfillment, invoicing and payment process allows VWA to get a comprehensive, consistent view of our clients' deduction management needs," said Stefan Pofahl, Senior Director of Operations at VWA. "Helping our clients eliminate unnecessary deductions results in benefits ranging from lowered operating costs and increased productivity to a positive impact on their balance sheet."

"VWA's Deduction Management System has been a vital component in our ability to track outstanding receivables and bring resolution to a large volume of transactional issues," said Kim Motika, vice present of worldwide sales and operations for D3Publisher of America, Inc. "Deduction Management Component functionality is a part of all A/R processes when working with the mass market retailing segment. At D3P, the volume of documents and process controls required to bring accurate tracking and settling of payments to invoices, specifically when it comes to short or partial payments requires sophisticated tools. Without the benefits of VWA technology, the result would be large expenditures for labor, and the inevitable increase of customer's days to pay. VWA's DMS platform allows us to accurately track deductions taken for various reasons and provide improved customer service with a reduced DSO benefit."

Revenue leakage comes to a halt with DMS 2.0

As global organizations conduct direct sales to retailers and the specialization of the supply chain continues to grow, VWA has seen a significant increase in transactional volume. Specifically within the retail industry and as the volumes increase, the chance for error grows. Previously, these small dollar amounts fell within the tolerance calendar, yet over time small dollar amounts have brought about sizeable revenue leakage. Where DMS plays a significant role in solving the business problem is by using technology to quickly identify deductions and their root causes, thereby cutting down the need for escalation and additional days sales outstanding (DSO).

Advanced reporting empowers executive management to quickly identify the departments that trigger errors and implement process improvement. Collectively, these tools reduce laborious rework of claims, accelerate cash flow and decrease revenue leakage.

New features in DMS 2.0 that enable companies to optimize deduction management on a global level include:

--  Auto Cash Application -- allows customers to deliver remittances
    directly to VWA in practically any format then convert the information into
    an electronic feed with a standardized layout. Journal entries are created
    and transmitted to the client ERP system where financial transactions are
    applied automatically. For each remittance, the result is the savings of
    thousands of manual entries and increased accuracy.
--  DMS is designed to easily integrate with ERP platforms such as JDE,
    SAP, Oracle, Great Plains, etc. that may not offer the ability to manage
    mass deductions as efficiently.
--  Auto Credit -- DMS retrieves debit note detail and automatically
    creates credit notes for approval by the credit manager. Credit notes and
    related deductions are matched and cleared.
--  Document Process -- debit notes. Instead of working on a deduction,
    the analytics address root cause (debit note). Early notification of
    problems before they affect the customer account results in improved
    customer relations. Improves sales forecasting and credit exposure.
--  Reporting Tool: Automated system generates customized reports with
    reliable statistics.
--  Web facing executive dashboard allows clients to create visual
    presentations based on individual user needs.

"Innovative companies demand innovative ways of running their businesses all the way down to how they manage their distribution and receivables," said Henry Ijams, Managing Director, PayStream Advisors. "To meet the high standards of today's customers receivables needs, vendors must place a heavy emphasis on technology. Whether via partnerships, or internal development, customers depend on advanced receivables management technology from the industry. VWA certainly has a valuable tool to offer."

About Vengroff, Williams & Associates, Inc.

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