Voki Launches the Artist's Spotlight With Australian Pop Star Samantha Jade of Jive Records

New Feature on Voki.com Allows Members to Interact With Celebrities Using Speaking Avatars

NEW YORK, NY and PERTH, AUSTRALIA--(Marketwire - October 8, 2007) - Web 2.0 has opened up a number of outlets for entertainers and celebrities to promote their art, celebrity status and products. From Facebook to MySpace and beyond you can find the newest superstars in the online spotlight racking up their number of "friends" and posting about their lives and career to keep fans active and informed.

Samantha Jade, one of the hottest new Pop/R&B singers originally from Perth, Australia, is taking advantage of this new medium to promote her new album and single "Turn Around" on Jive Records. Samantha and her record label, Zomba, are working with Voki (www.voki.com), an avatar technology for social networks, to literally breathe life into Samantha's online presence. Users can click on different topics, and Samantha responds through her avatar in her own voice. The technology also allows end users to create customized, voice-enhanced identities that can be used to communicate and interact back with Samantha and others.

Together with Samantha Jade, the team from Voki is launching a Samantha Jade speaking avatar and the latest feature at www.voki.com, Artist's Spotlight. The Artist's Spotlight features popular celebrities and provides them with an innovative way to connect with their fans. Samantha's speaking Voki character gives intimate details on her new single "Turn Around" and also talks about her love of songwriting and the fun of having a Voki avatar on MySpace as a way to connect with her fans. The Samantha Jade avatar even sings parts of the "Turn Around" single.

"My Voki avatar is so cool and having it live on the site as well as on MySpace has given me a great way to connect with my fans, whom I love very much," said Samantha Jade. "What is even better is that I can change the messages every day and then my fans can respond with their own avatar messages. It is so sweet that I can touch the fans that I love in such an interesting and fun way."

"We are excited to be working with such a talented and celebrated artist," said Adi Sideman, CEO of Oddcast, developer of Voki. "Voki serves millions of avatar impressions every month, which makes this is a great vehicle for added exposure. Now any artist can communicate, back and forth with the fans. This level of communication was not available before and really helps to bring people closer to the artists they love."

The Artist of the Week Spotlight will be a consistent feature on the Voki website. It will include an avatar of the artist and on demand content clips. Voki.com is heavily trafficked and helps drive volumes of traffic to an artist's web pages, projects or causes.

About Voki

Voki (www.voki.com) is the premiere talking avatar platform for social networks, bloggers and other online communities. The technology allows end users to create customized, voice-enhanced identities that can be used to communicate and interact with others. For more information log on to www.voki.com or call 212-375-6290.

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