SiteScape Announces Availability of Its ICEcore(TM) Integrated Collaboration Environment as an Open Source Project and an Enterprise Software Suite

The Industry's First Fully Integrated Open Source Collaboration Suite Unifies Team Workspaces, Real-Time Conferencing, and Social Networking Tools in a Single Web-Based Platform

MAYNARD, MA--(Marketwire - October 24, 2007) - SiteScape, Inc., a premier provider of integrated, web-based team collaboration and real-time conferencing solutions, today announced the immediate availability of its next-generation ICEcore Open Source project, ICEcore Enterprise collaboration software suite, and ICEing add-on modules.

Open Source and Enterprise Versions

ICEcore is the first Open Source project to fully integrate team workspaces and real-time conferencing in a single, integrated collaboration environment. It provides all the tools knowledge workers demand most -- blogs, wikis, discussion threads, workflow, document management, file stores, RSS feeds and more -- in one place to help small teams, large departments, or entire organizations achieve true collaboration and transform enterprise social networking into a competitive advantage.

"By moving to Open Source for the foundation of our products, users will reap the benefits of a dynamic developer community that's larger, more diverse, and more creative than any single company," notes Andy Fox, SiteScape Chief Technology Officer. "We expect to see product innovation -- both for our Open Source and proprietary Enterprise offerings -- at a rate unprecedented among integrated collaboration vendors."

ICEcore, based on open software standards, leverages SiteScape's eight years of enterprise collaboration experience, while addressing the latest market demands. ICEcore's approach uses familiar social networking to enable users to create a personal workspace that can be exposed to more people over time, thereby providing a comfortable on-ramp to team collaboration and encouraging high rates of user adoption. Users have the flexibility to view and interact with information and content in new and useful ways, such as viewing wikis as blogs to see a record of their evolution. In addition, by taking advantage of ICEcore's "presence" feature, team members can check if people are available, then meet on the fly via phone or VoIP (Enterprise version only) or web to examine content, discuss issues, and reach consensus. ICEcore is available for download free of charge at and through SourceForge.

ICEcore Enterprise is a seamless migration from the ICEcore Open Source project. In addition to the Open Source advantages of lower acquisition costs and speed of innovation, ICEcore Enterprise provides responsive support from SiteScape's experienced team of technical experts, rigorously tested reliability and scalability, and third-party software indemnification. Visit to obtain a free trial version of ICEcore Enterprise.

ICEcore's ICEing supplements the capabilities of ICEcore Enterprise with add-on modules for advanced workflow and telephony support in addition to standard VoIP.

Benefits to Real-World Users

In February 2007, Novell, Inc. (NASDAQ: NOVL) signed an OEM agreement to distribute SiteScape's ICEcore collaboration software under the name Novell Teaming + Conferencing to round out its offerings in the workgroup productivity market. A number of organizations have been using beta versions of Novell Teaming + Conferencing for several months and have started realizing the benefits of a truly integrated collaboration environment.

Chad Israel, technical account manager for the State of Louisiana, points out that "Some of our people like wikis, some like blogs and others prefer discussion forums. People who have been here a while are used to shared file servers. The problem is that none of those address all the different ways people need to work together. Actually, you need them all. Novell Teaming + Conferencing gives us that in a single environment with a common interface that keeps training costs low."

A Commitment-Free Way to Experience ICEcore

SiteScape built areas of the ICEcore web site ( using a streamlined configuration of the product -- optimized for first-time users -- to give the development community a unique opportunity to collaborate via ICEcore. As a result, anyone can visit or log into the web site and use the ICEcore tools to work with a select group of peers or the entire ICEcore Open Source community.

"In order to thoroughly evaluate and make a valid judgment about a collaboration solution, prospects have traditionally had little choice but to contrive a team and collaborative environment within their own organization -- an undertaking they may not be ready for day one," said Tom Witkin, vice president of marketing at SiteScape. "When you log into, however, you're presented with an actual instance of the ICEcore product. You can use the integrated tools to actively collaborate with peers -- creating and exposing a personal workspace, joining discussion threads, reading blogs and wikis, and more -- to experience firsthand the power of ICEcore collaboration with lots of knowledgeable community members."

Pricing and Availability

ICEcore, the Open Source project, is available for free download under the OSI-certified Common Public Attribution License (CPAL), an Open Source Initiative (OSI) certified license that improves upon the widely accepted Mozilla Public License (MPL) by addressing the distribution of software as a service and its use over a network. For more information, please visit

ICEcore Enterprise Team is available at a cost of US $55 per user license. For more information, please visit

ICEcore Enterprise Team + Conference is available at a cost of US $90 per user license. For more information, please visit

ICEing -- Advanced Workflow and the Telephony Interface are sold as US $20 add-on modules. Additional flavors of ICEing will be available later in 2007. For more information please visit

ICEcore Team open source software is also available for download at

About SiteScape

SiteScape, Inc. is committed to helping business, government and military organizations discover the benefits of team collaboration. Our integrated, web-based solutions -- from the widely installed SiteScape Forum® products to our new ICEcore™ and ICEcore Enterprise collaboration suites -- meet the communications and program management needs of even the largest distributed teams. Combining highly configurable workspaces, workflow-driven collaboration capabilities, real-time or asynchronous communication, and the latest social networking tools, SiteScape solutions bring together people and content in a single, easy-to-use environment that drives increased efficiency, enhanced productivity, and more successful project outcomes. Leading organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Shell International, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the European Space Agency, and Starwood Resorts and Hotels have chosen SiteScape as their preferred collaboration solution. For more information please visit

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