Unique Pizza and Subs Converts Local Pizza Shop

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 13, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation (Pink Sheets:UPZS), a Delaware Corporation, announces the conversion of East Coast Sports Lounge into a Unique Pizza and Subs. The newest Unique Pizza and Subs will be located at 512 Ohio River Blvd., Avalon PA and will be owned and operated by U.P.F.E.C.S.L. LLC, president Richard Schaeling. Mr. Schaeling plans to convert his sports lounge into a Unique Pizza and Subs over the next three weeks and is scheduled to start serving Unique's extensive menu to his numerous customers by December 1st.

Mr. Schaeling states: "There were numerous reasons why I decided to convert my restaurant into a Unique Pizza (and Subs): building a market value for my restaurant, I see mom and pop pizza shops go out of business all the time because they have no market value. I have enough restaurant equipment in storage to open five pizza shops that I have purchased (for pennies on the dollar) from mom and pop pizza shops that have gone out of business; consistence of product, over the years I have come up with some great recipes but getting my employees to duplicate those recipes every time was next to impossible; pricing; in a price comparison with similar menu items I am able to save at least 10% on my food cost and over 25% on my advertising, shirts, hats, menus etc.; all the reasons I mentioned before were important to me but the most important reason I decided to convert into Unique was the overall quality of every menu item."

James Vowler, President and CEO of UPZS, states: "We are now ready to launch our nationwide conversion program and Unique Pizza and Subs of Avalon is just the beginning. From the conception of Unique back in 1991, I designed it to be a nationwide pizza franchise that would have the 'Consistence of a major franchise' but with the 'Quality of a mom and pop'. I always strived to have a better quality product than any other major pizza or subs franchise in the market but I was aware the best product alone would not be enough to rapidly compete and grow nationwide. Like the big guys, I knew we needed a niche in this very completive pizza and subs market that would separate us from the competition. A few of the key items that separate us from the rest of the industry are: Publicly traded, there are only fourteen publicly traded pizza franchises in the U.S.; Our name 'Unique Pizza and Subs' the name alone makes customers, potential franchisees and future shareholders all ask the same question, 'What's so Unique?', from the very Unique menu items such as the Potato Skin Pizza, The Qualifier Sub, Buffalo Fries, to the industry leading Conversion program and on to are full CMYK color printed pizza and sub boxes; we are the only publicly traded pizza and subs franchise that offers and delivers over 30 Unique 14" Subs; at Unique we also strive to always exceed our customers expatiations with the quality and the size of our products, our Medium pizza is a 15" 12-slice pizza (the nationwide's top ten largest pizza franchises Large is only 14") our largest pizza is the Neighborhood Pizza (slogan)-'A Pizza So Big It Has Its Own Zip Code'- is a 24" 16-slice pizza when covered with two toppings weighs a astonishing 10 lbs.!"

About UPZS, a Delaware Corporation

Since the beginning of its development stages back in 1991 Unique Pizza and Subs clearly has separated themselves from the other major pizza franchises. They needed to have more than just the best product in the industry; they needed a way to grow rapidly in any market. They noticed all the major pizza franchises were predominately located in only highly populated markets, leaving a tremendously large pizza eating population only serviced by independent pizza shops. Two of the main reasons the major pizza franchises do not locate in smaller markets is because of their inferior quality of their product compared to the local independents and their corporate ownership is not usually welcomed. To succeed in a smaller market, a pizza shop needs to have these key elements: a high quality and consistently made product (all of their recipes were designed to have the quality of a "mom and pop" pizza shop with the consistency of a major franchise), good, professional and friendly customer service (UPZS is the only publicly traded pizza franchise that will have all of its locations orders routed to their professionally staffed Customer Response Center), and an owner; that lives, works and pays taxes in that small market (all of the conversions of independent pizza shops into Unique Pizza and Subs will retain the same local ownership).

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