ALR Technologies to Establish Constant Health Companion(TM) ("CHC(TM)") as Standard Operating Procedure in Fast Growing Multi-Billion Market

Richmond, Virginia, UNITED STATES

WINSTON-SALEM, NC--(Marketwire - November 19, 2007) - ALR Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: ALRT) is pleased to announce that they have completed software enhancements on the CHC™, a comprehensive healthcare management system to facilitate containment of healthcare costs by improving efficiency and effectiveness of caregivers. An innovative feature of the system is to provide a documented audit trail for evaluation of healthcare programs. Patent applications have been filed for expanded intellectual property.

CHC's target market, home healthcare technology, is a new and rapidly growing segment in US healthcare. The driving force for growth is the escalating cost in healthcare. Medication noncompliance, such as failure to take medications or to complete therapeutic tasks as prescribed, currently contributes more than $150 billion annually in excess and preventable costs. A recent research report from Forrester Research, Inc. projected the home health technology market to grow to $5 billion by 2010 and then to $35 billion by 2015.

In addition, the CHC system addresses a serious deficiency in healthcare management, the absence of ongoing oversight of patients. Adequate care is available to patients when they are in hospitals, clinics or while caregivers are at their homes. Healthcare breaks down when the patients are left alone to follow their prescribed therapies. The CHC system enables a healthcare provider to remotely monitor the patient's compliance, thereby allowing for timely intervention.

An added feature of this system is its ability to provide documentation of patient compliance and accountability of the actions of healthcare professionals which were previously unavailable. This allows health plans to adjust pricing based on performance.

The CHC is an affordable, portable and easy to use system. It costs 30% less and provides more features than any other system available in the market.

ALR Technologies' goal is to be a leader in this new and rapidly growing market by establishing the CHC system as a "standard operating procedure" (SOP) in the US and international healthcare industry.

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