Information Builders Launches Performance Management Framework for the Healthcare Industry

New Offering Addresses Challenges in the Healthcare Field and Provides Organizations With the Tools to Maximize Efficiencies

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 28, 2007) - Information Builders, the leader in production business intelligence (BI) systems, today announced the availability of WebFOCUS Performance Management Framework (PMF) for Healthcare. This operational performance management solution provides healthcare organizations an industry-specific, ready-to-use customized off the shelf (COTS) strategic management tool to deliver real-time information sharing, collaboration, alerts, and analysis.

Implementing Financial, Clinical, Administrative, and Operational Scorecards and Dashboards

Performance management dashboards are a proven way to lower costs, as well as increase revenue and quality of care. Hospitals and large healthcare organizations are known for their many moving parts that can each impact the organization's revenue stream. PMF for Healthcare offers a single dashboard for performance tracking that can not only identify cost issues, but also increase patient satisfaction and quality of care by identifying hospital processes that need improvement. PMF for Healthcare provides a secure environment for managing metrics, defining strategies, and creating scorecards. The framework easily integrates into an organization's existing operational applications and provides an easy to use tool for users that don't have deep technical expertise.

PMF for Healthcare can be the cornerstone for CMS sponsored Hospital Quality of Care Initiatives (HQI) such as the Premier Hospital Quality Incentive Demonstration and the Reporting Hospital Quality Data for Annual Payment Update (RHQDAPU) initiative.

The dashboards include operational scorecards, such as revenue cycle, and predefined healthcare-specific metrics, including length of stay, HIM-coding quality, readmits, and insurance denials.

Built on WebFOCUS

PMF for Healthcare provides a reusable architecture for ad hoc and parameterized reporting that meets every user's needs by offering clinicians, physicians, nurses, business analysts, managers, and executives the ability to create, run, save, and schedule their own reports with a powerful, intuitive Web-based interface provided through the Information Builders WebFOCUS BI platform. With adapters provided by iWay Software, an Information Builders company, the framework can access all of an institution's data sources -- both clinical and financial -- from disparate systems in either real time or from staged data in cubes, data marts, or warehouses.

Business users can access, analyze, and drill through reports to uncover a wealth of information, which may uncover root cause issues and provide targeted improvement initiatives.

Web 2.0 Functionality Enables Dynamic Collaboration

Adapting Web 2.0 trends in collaboration, PMF for Healthcare enables users to mesh their work with that of colleagues to discover, analyze, inform, document, and act. For example, key performance indicators can be blogged so healthcare employees throughout the accountability chain can understand what is being done, why, and how to achieve the desired result. PMF for Healthcare offers threading and forwarding of alerts so users can take action and engage others to change operational outcomes. Alerts can be set up to run automatically, and when received, can be commented on and forwarded for action. No other performance management solution offers this capability.

"There are many factors that go into running a successful healthcare organization, particularly in light of all the regulations and compliance issues," said Information Builders CEO and Founder Gerald Cohen. "Now healthcare organizations have a powerful all-in-one tool to monitor people and costs that can show ways in which they can improve efficiencies and increase patient satisfaction."

PMF for Healthcare includes a number of pre-built modules, designed to address the needs of healthcare providers. The modules include:

--  Finance, Cost of Care, and Reimbursement Analysis: Monitor your
    current financial position with key performance indicators that allow you
    to accurately view revenue versus budget, inpatient versus outpatient
    revenue, and physician billing with the ability to drill down to live,
    detail-level data.
--  Utilization and Strategic Planning: Discover ways to optimize asset
    utilization and improve profit margins such as maximizing bed utilization,
    avoiding unnecessary labor costs, and eliminating operational bottlenecks.
--  Physician Profiling: Access and integrate outcomes, costs, resource
    utilization, and other data with ease. Standard reports and charts can be
    viewed with the click of a mouse.
--  Quality Improvement: Identify and improve upon trends in patient care
    and satisfaction rates by receiving updated care indicators on a daily
    basis and addressing problem areas.
--  Case Management: Compare costs by physician and identify anomalies.
    Easily access clinical records to expose trends and patterns.
--  Inpatient Reporting: Track trends and easily generate reports on
    patient costs, revenue generation by patient, etc.
--  Outcomes: Learn what treatment plans offer the best outcomes and which
    are the most cost effective.
--  Demographics: Determine what demographic segments are the most
    profitable, which cost the most, and how to adjust benefit levels to
    maintain overall profitability.
--  Claims Analysis: Use summarized charts to find month-to-month trends.
    Gain the ability to integrate and analyze data from disparate sources such
    as clinical and billing systems.

"PMF for Healthcare provides an economical way for healthcare institutions to have a pervasive management tool that allows them to view a wide array of cost factors affecting their institutions," said David Cook, director of Performance Management Solutions for Information Builders. "From a technology standpoint, PMF for Healthcare delivers all the performance management solutions an organization needs in one package that can be up and running in very little time."

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