Study Suggests Consumers More Engaged in Ads on TV Programs Viewed Online Than on TV Sets

Confirms Link Between Content Engagement and Engagement in Ads

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 4, 2007) - According to Experian Research Services, consumers are 44 percent more engaged in advertisements inserted in televisions programs they view online than they are with the ads in programs they view on a TV set. Download free study:

The findings are part of the Multi-Media Engagement study conducted by Simmons, an Experian company. The study confirms a direct linkage between engagement that consumers have with the content of the media they use and the attention and receptivity they have with the advertising that runs in those TV programs, magazines and websites.

Chris Wilson, president of Experian Research Services, explains that the Multi-Media Engagement study is the first media and client neutral study that looks at consumer engagement with nearly 1,000 broadcast, cable and syndicated television, Internet and print properties. "The Multi-Media Engagement study explains past audience ratings and click-stream data to detail why and how consumers are engaged with media," said Wilson.

The study identified six global engagement dimensions including inspirational, trustworthy, life enhancing, social interaction, personal timeout and ad attention/receptivity. The findings show that when consumers are highly engaged with the content of a specific TV program, magazine or website, they are more likely to pay attention to the advertisements that appear within.

Especially interesting is that while consumers are 26 percent more engaged in the content of television programs they watch online than they are with the content of programs they watch on a TV set, their engagement with the advertising placed in the programs they watch online is actually 44 percent higher. This finding suggests that the advertising in online TV programs is especially effective at reaching consumers.

Experian Research Services: The mission of the group is to enable clients to optimize communications with their customers and prospects across multiple channels by providing a robust description of the American Consumer. Experian Research Services operates: Simmons (a full service, consumer research organization that has been The Voice of the American Consumer for over 50 years) and Vente, a real-time online quality lead generation service. In 2006, Experian Research Services was ranked the fastest growing market research company by Jack Honomichl, the leading market research industry authority.

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