Retail Study Suggests Convenience, Clearance & e-commerce Top Female Shoppers' Holiday List

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 4, 2007) - Retailers hoping for that extra boost in holiday sales might need to pay extra attention to convenience, clearance and e-commerce. A retail study by Experian Research Services suggests that these categories top the list of female shoppers this season.

Download free map, highlighting online female spending behavior across the U.S. from Experian Research Services:

According to Chris Wilson, president of Experian Research Services, retailers can leverage e-commerce by targeting local markets where online shopping is high. "Retailers in Atlanta should know that approximately 420,000 local women are shopping online. By targeting these consumers directly and understanding their buying behaviors, stores have the potential to generate a higher holiday sales volume this season," explained Wilson.

For retailers in markets where online shopping isn't as substantial, stores need to make convenience their No. 1 priority. "Fifty-two percent of women shop stores because of their convenient location and 73 percent say that a store's environment makes a difference in whether or not they shop there," said Wilson. "Additionally, 50 percent of women go straight for the clearance rack when shopping. Understanding these behaviors is critical this season," said Wilson.

Listen to Gary Warech, vice president of Experian Research Services business development, offer advice on how retailers can better understand their target consumer:

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