BTS Group AB Receives Order from Unilever

Stockholm, SWEDEN

BTS Group AB Receives Order from Unilever

Stockholm, Sweden and London, UK - BTS Group AB (publ), the world's leading
consulting and training company within the segment of business simulations, has
signed an agreement with Unilever to deliver a series of programmes in business
acumen, worth in excess of 4 MSEK in 2007.

Unilever is a world-leader in fast moving consumer products, offering many well
known brands across food, home and personal care categories. The launch of One
Unilever in 2005 has acted as a catalyst for an ambitious new learning vision
within the company. The experiential, team-based learning is achieved by either
a computer based simulation or a board simulation, depending on the work level
of participants.
By the end of 2007, over 600 alumni will have been through the leadership
programme that covers the future top 100 of Unilever's management team all the
way down to managers at a country level.
“This is a crucial investment for Unilever”, explains MR Jonathan Donner, VP,
Leadership Development: “The Business Acumen programme run by BTS has become a
top priority for Unilever's managers of tomorrow, and, as such, it is fully
supported by the Unilever Executive team. In the midst of a series of strategic
changes we have worked alongside BTS to design a programme that aligns
leadership training at all levels of our company, and provides cohesion to
management's learning journey”. 
“The programme's overreaching objective is to bring to life Unilever's operating
framework and align participants with the company's major business goal of being
simpler, faster, more externally orientated and competitive. At a deeper level,
building collaborative behaviours and increasing business acumen will help
Unilever's management to understand the impact of their individual decisions on
growth, market share and the bottom line.”
“We are delighted to be given the opportunity to build upon our existing
relationship with one of the world's most recognised consumer products
companies. This opportunity highlights the trust Unilever has in our ability to
deliver world class development initiatives globally and consistently”, says MR
Joel Sigrist, Managing Director of BTS UK, who views Unilever as a key client in
BTS Group largely works with large companies. Some recent examples of strategic
projects on which BTS has worked include: Coca-Cola, Weyerhaeuser, General
Motors, Vodafone, Boeing, Telstra, Adobe, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, DHL, Honda,
Toyota, Gap, SonyEricsson, Nokia, Scania och Sony

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About BTS Group AB
BTS Group AB is the world's largest and most successful consulting and training
company within the segment of business simulations.
BTS supports executive management in corporate change processes and the
implementation of new strategies with the objective of creating a more
successful and profitable company. BTS delivers this through real life,
tailor-made business simulations.
BTS educates and trains not only executives and top managers but also entire
organisations so that they understand and have the ability to analyse the key
factors most important to the company in terms of supporting growth and
The projects are managed as customised business simulations delivered as
e-learning solutions or as interactive seminars. In each case, individual
participants working as teams are given the opportunity to create their own
experiences and instantly see the result of their efforts by working in a
simulated environment where real-life corporate data and conditions apply.
All of this creates a highly efficient education process where business
strategies and objectives are transformed into action, which in turn leads to a
higher awareness of day-to-day business decisions affecting corporate
profitability and success. The overall result is measurable and sustainable
profit improvements.
BTS customers are often leading global corporations. Currently the BTS customer
list includes more than 25 of the world's 100 largest companies. During 2006 BTS
had a turnover of SEK 379.1 million and a result after tax of SEK 38.6 million.
Today BTS has approximately 200 employees in Sweden, Finland, Norway, UK, Spain,
Belgium, Switzerland, US, Australia, China and South Africa.
BTS is a publicly company on the Swedish Stock Exchange and trades under the
symbol BTS B
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