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Richmond, Virginia, UNITED STATES

WINSTON-SALEM, NC--(Marketwire - December 19, 2007) - The following update is being released by ALR Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: ALRT). It is also available online at

ALR Technologies is proud to announce that the Company will make its first shipment of the Constant Health Companion™ ("CHC™") on January 11, 2008.

Our CHC is a comprehensive healthcare management system to facilitate containment of healthcare costs by improving efficiency of caregivers and efficacy of treatment plans. Patients with chronic medical conditions will benefit from the use of the CHC. The CHC is an affordable system that enhances treatment compliance and it is affordable and easy to use for both healthcare professionals and patients. A unique feature of the system is the provision of a documented audit trail for evaluation of healthcare programs. Another feature of the system is its ability to facilitate the transmission of information and coordination of activities between patients, families, physicians, and healthcare providers.

A recent industry study shows that 50% of medications are not taken and that treatment non-adherence contributes to approximately $177 billion in excess and preventable healthcare costs annually. Home health technology is a new and rapidly developing field to contain increasing healthcare costs. This market is projected to grow to $35 billion by 2015.

ALRT's primary target of our marketing and sales launch is to more than 50 employer-led coalitions representing 10,000 mid- and large-sized employers in both the private and public sectors that sponsor self-insured health benefits to approximately 34 million employees and their dependents. These employers are dedicated to value-based purchasing of healthcare services through collective action. These companies are committed to improving the value of healthcare provided through their health plans while limiting the rising costs of healthcare for their insured. They are interested in providing the tools for their people to take more responsibility for their health care and assist in containing healthcare costs increases.

ALRT expects that the initial users of its CHC will be individuals belonging to these employer sponsored health plans and suffering from one or more chronic diseases. These patients typically receive complex instructions given by multiple healthcare providers whose diagnostics, lab results, diagnoses and directions are not inter-connected. There are currently more than 130 million people in the US with one or more chronic health conditions. The CHC system will enable patients to receive better guidance and information thereby helping them successfully manage their chronic health conditions

In the 4th quarter of 2007, ALRT had already introduced its CHC to some of these companies. It will be a busy and exciting start for the Company in 2008 as several more meetings have been arranged for January to introduce the CHC system to more of these employers. ALRT will also partner with employer health plan managers to implement and integrate the CHC into the employer health benefit plans thus encouraging efficient use of healthcare resources.

I thank our shareholders for their support as we look forward with optimism in establishing ALRT as a leader in the healthcare management market in the New Year. With the CHC, ALRT is in position to be a leader in the US home health technology market.


Sidney Chan

Chairman & CEO

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ALR Technologies, Inc. (ALRT) designs and manufactures health management compliance products and monitoring and intervention systems. ALRT's primary system, Constant Health Companion™, fills a serious gap in standard disease management practices. It provides for continued and affordable compliance supervision of patients after they have left the direct care of professionals. More information on ALR Technologies and its products can be found at More information about the Constant Health Companion can be found at:

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