Q-Industries Develops Intelligence Software and Website for DeepMile Networks

DeepSource Research Tool Enables Targeted Insight in Networks of Information

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - January 8, 2008) - Q-Industries, a developer of websites and business applications, has completed the website for DeepMile Networks, which provides niche business intelligence, and its DeepSource software. DeepSource was created for government and commercial clients grappling with how to absorb and make sense of huge amounts of data, helping them gain insight from masses of information by identifying the relationships amongst people, products, companies, or topics being sought.

DeepMile Networks conceived of DeepSource as a tool for businesses and agencies to conduct targeted research and information access. In developing DeepSource, Q-Industries built a modular application that can collect, analyze, and map information from the Internet, databases, and unstructured data.

Combining elements of data harvesting, visualization, and social network analysis, DeepSource is being used in the pharmaceutical industry to monitor and evaluate international markets for drug development; to conduct due diligence in the legal and financial services sectors, and to map human networks for counter-terrorism in national security.

DeepSource can bring clarity to complex scenarios or to monitor shifting networks of actors by building a reliable picture of those involved. Based on the context or meaning of the underlying source data, information is analyzed and visually mapped, showing the linkages and connections that tie together the entities or topics that need to be understood.

"Q-Industries has been a unique partner, combining strengths you don't often find in one firm," said Eric Malawer, Chairman and CEO of DeepMile Networks (www.DeepMile.com). "From our vision and concept for DeepSource, Q provided us the large-scale software expertise to develop and deliver the finished product, and created a superb online presence through its Web development," Malawer added.

Developed on an open-source platform, DeepSource uses a variety of rich Web 2.0 technologies that allows end-users to easily define queries, filter by type and strength of relationship, and create interactive network maps that can be dynamically updated.

"We appreciate working with innovative companies like DeepMile," said Sean Breen, Chief Technology Officer of Q-Industries. "Tools such as DeepSource will play an increasing role in how organizations collect, extract and gain intelligence from a growing universe of constantly changing information," added Breen.

About DeepMile Networks:

Founded in 2006, DeepMile delivers custom knowledge solutions guided by a revolutionary vision. Our products and services leverage sophisticated data collection and analysis capabilities from the U.S. Intelligence Community, advanced technology platforms, and consulting best practices. We support a range of clients in the Federal, Commercial, and International markets, helping each of them navigate and overcome their most daunting information challenges. Please visit www.deepmile.com or call 703-766-6331.

About Q-Industries:

Q-Industries is an interactive agency that designs and builds online brands, websites and advanced Internet-based applications, with expertise in online marketing, social networking, and new media services. From helping launch start-ups employing 2.0 technologies, to advancing the capabilities of Fortune 500 websites, Q-Industries' clients span commercial, government, and association/nonprofit organizations across the U.S.

Since its founding in 1999, Q-Industries has distinguished itself through technical expertise and sound business practices, having grown its team of developers, strategists, analysts, designers and testers when many Internet application companies down-sized or disappeared. In addition to custom programming, Q-Industries has built a library of transferable web applications, such as email marketing and content management systems, resulting in more robust applications at lower costs.

Q-Industries programs in every major language, depending on client needs, providing reliable and secure custom Internet applications with quick turnaround times.

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