Children In Film Launches First Online Social Networking Service and Most Comprehensive Resource Center for Child Actors and Parents

Free Site Empowers Child Actors, Parents and Industry Professionals With Tools and Information to Successfully Conduct Business in Entertainment Industry

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - January 16, 2008) - Children In Film, Inc. (CIF), a new online social networking service and resource center for child actors and parents, today launched a new web site (, that simplifies the way child actors, parents and industry professionals access and share information. CIF provides a secure and trusted environment where parents can safely promote their children to industry professionals and increase their opportunity for employment. CIF is also the only national, regionally targeted site that features a robust database where members can rate and recommend participating service providers, and producers and casting directors can access a database of actors' profiles/headshots by various search criteria. CIF is conducting a beta period and offering its Enhanced Membership for free until April 1, 2008.

Founder and CEO of Children In Film, Inc. Toni Casala has become an expert over the past 20 years on child labor laws. This experience sparked the desire to create a comprehensive online community to help make powerful connections, promote a positive and balanced view into the world of child actors, and provide everything a child actor, parent or industry professional would need to achieve success. CIF is a comprehensive resource hub offering its Free "Basic Members" rich content on nationwide child labor laws, industry rules, education/schooling, success stories, money management, and set etiquette for newcomers to the entertainment industry.

"One of our goals at CIF is to help parents keep their kids on the right track, avoiding the pitfalls that can sometimes be associated with fame at an early age," said Ms. Casala. "Our members will benefit by learning from one another through child actor success stories, 'power parent' interviews and blogs from parents who have managed to successfully navigate their children's acting careers with a healthy, balanced and positive approach. And our one-of-a-kind service provider rating system gives parents insights to which businesses are consistently providing high-quality, affordable services, and which are not meeting their commitments."

Contrary to stereotypical perceptions, many child actors do go on to become successful both within and outside of the entertainment industry. A study by Lisa Rapport, PhD. noted, "The environment of the entertainment industry is not necessarily toxic to normal development. Instead, the results support the well-established theory that good parenting serves as a buffer for life stress."

"We are excited about working with an organization that is clearly setting an example of leadership in our industry," said AFTRA-SAG Federal Credit Union Vice President, Marketing and Communications Todd Nelson. "AFTRA-SAG Federal Credit Union actively promotes Children In Film, both online in the 'Coogan Accounts' section of our web site and also in our 'Coogan Trustee Survival Kit.'"

All-Access Free Until April 1, 2008

Industry professionals, service providers and parents receive free Enhanced Membership benefits until April 1st, 2008, including:

--  Access to all CIF content
--  Postings of bios and complete resumes as well as multiple headshots or
    portfolio photos to increase opportunities
--  A way to discover, contact, rate and recommend other members
--  A vehicle to post and monitor casting call information and audition
--  Direct referrals on industry professionals such as talent agents,
    managers and photographers, who have been rated by fellow actors/parents
--  The KidStart program featuring 10 Easy Steps to getting started in the
--  Participation in a secure and non-threatening social networking forum

After April 1st, Basic Membership is still free and includes a limited profile with one photo posting, access to basic site information, and a newsletter; and Enhanced Members will pay a nominal monthly fee of $12.99.

CIF Industry Professional Key Benefits include:

--  For talent agents, managers and casting directors - a comprehensive
    database of child talent, legal information on employing minors, and the
    ability to post FREE casting notices.
--  For service providers such as photographers, coaches and classes - the
    ability to promote their services, and receive tools to find new clients.
    In addition, they can improve the quality of their services by taking note
    of member feedback.
--  For studio teachers - hard-to-find information on state laws and
    credentialing requirements; and the ability to market their services to
    producers and put a face with a name via their profiles, which can be
    viewed by parents and professionals.

"CIF is the ultimate resource for everything you want and need to know about children working in the entertainment industry," said Emily Glatter, Vice President of Production Administration at New Line Productions, Inc. "No matter what the topic, how quickly and thoroughly I need a question answered, CIF is always my first and only call. There is no one more knowledgeable about this subject than CIF's Toni Casala. I can't say enough about this terrific resource and service!"

About Children In Film

Based in Los Angeles, Calif., Children In Film, Inc. (CIF) is the most comprehensive social networking site that simplifies the way child actors, parents, employers and entertainment industry professionals access critical information, allowing them to connect, share and increase opportunities for success. CIF is the only complete and trusted industry resource center that features a robust database where members can rate and recommend participating service providers to minimize the risk of hiring the wrong person or company. Founded in 2000, CIF is focused on empowering child actors, parents and industry professionals with the tools and information to successfully conduct business, while promoting the healthy, positive side of the entertainment industry. For more information, contact

Contact Information: Contact: Cathy Sperrazzo Eye-To-Eye Communications, Inc. (858) 565-9800