Etology Global Ad Exchange Juggernaut Hits Two Billion Ads Served a Day

With Ad Serves Doubling in Four Months -- and 7x Increase in 12 Months -- Etology Becomes a Global Force in Ad Networks, Covering 190 Countries and 15,000 Publishers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 29, 2008) - Etology, a global leader in online advertising, today announced it has hit over two billion ads served daily, surpassing its competitors on a global scale. Etology's unprecedented growth in the past year, from serving three hundred million daily ads in January 2007, one billion in September 2007 and now over two billion today, has made its next-generation network a powerful force in the online self-serve advertising market. Etology's global reach spans over 190 countries, with the largest volume of ads served to North America, Asia, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil and France.

"In this competitive marketplace, Etology stands alone as the dominant leader in online advertising networks, with a growth rate that is indicative of the current massive international market expansion," said Brock Purpura, CEO of Etology. "We are poised to capitalize on this new era of global marketing, and plan to continue our swift upward trajectory throughout the next year."

Etology's unique advertising network provides an optimal platform for consumers to monetize their web sites effectively with text and banner ads ranging from standard ad units to commercial breaks and thumbnail ads. Etology's flexible self-service ad machine enables advertisers to plan powerful targeted campaigns, with scalability to fit any budget and website. With an easy-to-use navigation dashboard, which eliminates agency middlemen and media buyers, Etology makes it simple to sell and buy online ad space independently. The extensive backend dashboard provides publishers and advertisers live statistics and analytics on ad-placements and ROI results for ad spends. For more information and to enter the Etology ad network, please visit

About Etology: Founded in 2005 and based in Foster City, CA, Etology is revolutionizing worldwide online advertising with its new breed of Advertising 2.0. Etology empowers website owners to sell their ad space directly to advertisers while giving advertisers the opportunity to directly place ads on targeted sites. Etology serves text and banner online ad packages, ranging from standard ad units to commercial breaks and thumbnail ads. For more info on the next generation self-service advertising marketplace, please visit

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