Greg Orman Steps Out of U.S. Senate Race

OLATHE, KS--(Marketwire - February 18, 2008) - Greg Orman announced his decision to forego his candidacy for the United States Senate in Kansas. While the Olathe entrepreneur raised more money in one quarter than any other Democratic federal candidate in the state's history, he determined that the compromises necessary to be elected were unacceptable.

"I determined that I couldn't, in good conscious, ask others to support my candidacy if I wasn't willing to do everything necessary to get elected," said Orman. "After careful consideration, I concluded that my talents and experience make me best suited to continue my public service in other ways. Despite my personal decision not to run for Senate this year -- my commitment to a stronger, more innovative and more secure future for this country is unwavering," said Orman.

Orman is returning all campaign contributions and said he is deeply touched by the support he received from so many people.

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Greg Orman