CallCopy cc: Survey Helps Contact Centers Capture Voice of the Customer

New Phone-Based Survey Application Helps Contact Centers to Capture and Leverage Customer Insights to Improve Operations

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - February 19, 2008) - CallCopy, one of the fastest growing companies in the call recording and quality monitoring market, today introduced cc: Survey, a telephone-based survey application that allows contact centers to capture the voice of the customer. cc: Survey is an IVR-based survey system, which is available as part of CallCopy's cc: Discover call recording and quality monitoring suite or as a standalone solution. Callers can be transferred from the phone representative into the cc: Discover survey system, or they can dial a toll-free number to participate in surveys independent of the contact center.

cc: Survey includes Web-based reporting capabilities that provide real-time information on survey results. Report results can be filtered by date range, by agent, by ANI (Caller ID), and many other criteria. The reporting system also provides granular analysis of survey results for everything from sections within a survey to specific questions. Companies can report on automated post-call survey completion rates, and compare survey results to automatic call distribution reports to determine sample population. The application can also capture voice messages and callback information from the customer, which can be accessed through the secure web-based reporting portal.

"In virtually all of today's markets, the ability to quickly and easily collect and access data has become mission critical," said Ray Bohac, president and chief executive officer of CallCopy, Inc. "A customer feedback survey application is an ideal way to capture customers' perspective on variety of key performance indicators. We have spoken with our customers and contact center managers across the country, and the opportunity to leverage the contact center to improve other aspects of the enterprise is a common priority. cc: Survey enables our clients to survey customers allowing them to better understand ways to improve everything from product performance to customer service. Customer surveys through cc: Survey complement what businesses are already doing in terms of monitoring and evaluating customer calls."

cc: Survey allows an organization to create virtually limitless number of surveys through a Web-based interface. The data can be tied to recordings, which allows companies to calibrate their internal quality assessment measurements against customer satisfaction. Survey questions can also have dynamic point values assigned to them to weigh sections and surveys according to the needs of a center's staff and clients. As part of CallCopy's cc: Discover suite, cc: Survey helps provide a multi-dimensional view of a company's operations.

Bohac added, "Many times, all that it takes to better understand your customers is to simply ask them about their experiences, needs and expectations, and then provide them with a quick, convenient and user-friendly way to provide their feedback. cc: Survey allows companies to gather data from a resource that often goes untapped, yet which frequently is a gold mine of information that can be used to help resolve issues, reduce costs, streamline processes and enhance sales. The ability to capture customer feedback will help demonstrate one more reason why cc: Discover is an asset to overall operations."

About CallCopy

CallCopy is one of the industry's fastest-growing call recording/quality monitoring software companies. CallCopy's mission is to deliver the highest levels of quality to its customers, so they can deliver the highest levels of quality to their customers. With the release of the cc: Discover software suite, CallCopy has combined call recording and quality management with customer surveys and speech analytics. Compatible with most major telephone systems, including Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Siemens, NEC, Alcatel, Aspect, and ShoreTel, cc: Discover offers a more flexible Application Programming Interface, extending the value of the platform to third-party workforce management, IVR, HR, and CRM software. By enhancing the exchange of data between the different systems used across the enterprise, CallCopy helps bring the 360-degree view of your performance into a 3-D perspective. For more information, visit

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