Study Suggests Not All Consumer Packaged Goods Require Green Wrapping

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 21, 2008) - From battery-operated toothbrushes to air fresheners, a consumer packaged goods (CPG) study by Experian Research Services suggests that not all products need to have a green focus.

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The CPG study is part of the Simmons National Consumer Study, which identified four types of green consumers: behavioral greens, think greens, potential greens and true browns. The buying behaviors among these green consumers differ between the four categories, making it necessary for CPG companies and marketers to stop and look at how their consumers are reacting to the green movement.

Chris Wilson, president of Experian Research Services, explained that since more than $500 billion will be spent on green products in 2008, it's vital for the CPG industry to evaluate consumer preferences prior to establishing green marketing strategies. "Marketers need to have a strong understanding of consumer buying behaviors and what is driving them to make purchasing decisions so that they can allocate their marketing resources accordingly," said Wilson. "For example, marketers will want to know that roll-on deodorant is most favored among the 'behavioral greens' group, while aerosol is preferred among 'true browns.'"

Watch Gary Warech, senior vice president of Experian Research Services business development, explain how CPG companies and marketing agencies can leverage this consumer data to make packaging and promotional decisions.

Experian Research Services (ERS) is ranked one of the fastest growing market research companies by Jack Honomichl, the leading market research authority. ERS, a part of Experian, is comprised of Simmons, a full service, consumer research organization that has been The Voice of the American Consumer for more than 50 years, and Vente, a real-time online quality lead generation service.

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