Automotive Marketing Report Suggests Media Engagement Matters for Upfront Media Buying Season

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - February 26, 2008) - A recent automotive marketing report from Experian Research Services and KMR Group suggests that cross platform media planning and buying should incorporate ad technology and consumer media engagement dimensions, from life-enhancing to trustworthiness, in addition to traditional buying tactics.

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Chris Wilson, president of Experian Research Services, said that linking engagement data to media planning is the best way to maximize returns in advertising investments. "While it's important to analyze reach, finding the best place to engage an audience can mean the difference between measuring ad receptivity and simply counting eyeballs."

Geoff Wicken, TGI global product development director, KMR Group, said the trick to ROI and diminishing returns is to understand the point in which the return for a particular media channel is maxed out. "At that point, you need to stop spending money on that channel and start on another until it is exhausted," he said. "Through tools like Compose, ad agencies are able to practice 'what if' scenario planning directly related to the needs of a brand and its messaging strategy."

Watch Geoff Wicken speak about the two major trends in communications planning.

Compose, a product of KMR Group, is a media planning and buying tool that can be linked with the Multi-Media Engagement Study from Experian Research Services to measure audience receptivity.

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