Tossing and Turning: New Generation of Sleep Solutions Give Sweet Dreams Without Health Nightmares

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2008) - Right now, throughout the United States, approximately 70 million people are tossing and turning. And according to the National Institutes of Health, almost one-third of Americans have no idea that they are suffering from one of 85 classified sleep disorders.

Lack of sleep, consequentially, presents huge problems, mentally, emotionally and physically, which is why Americans not getting the recommended 8 hours each night are fueling the $20 billion sleep aid market.

But sleeping pills can be a recipe for danger and the consequences can be dire. The death of actor Heath Ledger earlier this year has prompted a lot of discussion and concern over the use of sleeping pills and the repercussions of mixing them with other medications. In fact, over half of all insomniacs report concerns about becoming dependant on over-the-counter or prescription sleeping pills.

These concerns are igniting a new generation of sleep solutions that are all-natural but backed with science to provide a better night's sleep without the nightmare of adverse side effects from sleep drugs.

Dreamerz Foods was one of the first to launch last year, with two dairy-based, all-natural sleep dessert beverages that use natural tryptophan from milk and ingredients such as Lactium and melatonin to help the brain unwind before bed and regulate sleep. Because of the product's popularity the company is launching two additional sleep solutions this year in the form of pillow chocolate and an herbal fruit flavored drink mix.

Both use the patented low amount of melatonin and PharmaGABA, a protein amino acid that reduces stress and promotes relaxation. The herbal fruit drink mix comes in three varieties: Pomegranate Pillows, Peaches and Dreams and Rock-a-Bye Berry and contains only 30 calories per serving. The Chocolate Pillows are made with premium Guittard chocolate and come in two varieties: milk or dark.

There have been 10 clinical studies conducted on low-dose melatonin, eight clinical studies on Lactium (a milk protein hydrolosate) and five studies on PharmaGABA proving their effectiveness in safely regulating sleep cycles and encouraging relaxation.

Dreamerz sleep products have been proven to help 75 percent of people to fall asleep quicker without feeling groggy in the morning. To learn more, or to order the product online, go to:

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Dreamerz Foods adds two new sleep solutions to their line-up this week to help the sleep deprived get more Zs naturally.