NY Auto Show: New Crossover Called Safest Volvo Ever With Thomas Broberg, Senior Technical Advisor, Volvo Cars Safety Centre

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RIDGEWOOD, N.J., March 21, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- For most carmakers - concept cars are created for buzz and intrigue. Not so with Volvo Cars - known for getting its concept cars into production and to market as quickly as possible.

Nothing speaks to that more than the new XC60 which is now making its North American debut at the New York Auto Show, which runs until March 30th.

The new crossover - called Volvo's safest ever yet - blends together some of the key elements in Volvo concept cars over the last few years: sensors to detect a driver's heartbeat, side-impact collision; sensors and cameras that alert the driver to approaching lights - and - for the first time ever, the "City Safety System," which is standard in the new vehicle.

"The City Safety System is a low speed accident prevention system that will help reduce or eliminate whiplash injuries and vehicle damages from impacts below 18 miles per hour," says Thomas Broberg, Senior Technical Advisor, Volvo Cars Safety Centre. "If the car is about to strike the vehicle in front and the driver doesn't react, the car automatically applies the brakes."

The Volvo XC60 will go on sale in the fall of 2008. www.volvocars.com.

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