Georgia's First Holistic Spa Focused On Sustaining a Healthy Lifestyle Opens in Blue Ridge Mountains

Eco-friendly Anidawehi Plantation Wellness Center to Educate, Inspire Optimal Wellness Naturally, Honoring the Cherokee Belief in Self-Healing

DAHLONEGA, Ga., April 2, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Forrest Hills Resort & Conference Center, one of the country's top 100 privately-owned resorts, is celebrating its 30th anniversary by opening Georgia's first holistic healing spa focused on sustainability: Anidawehi Plantation Wellness Center.

Set within 140 acres of wilderness near Dahlonega, Ga., north of Atlanta, the independent wellness center focuses on holistic healing through several unique programs that incorporate balanced nutrition through raw living foods, and encourage sustainability through follow-up with guests. The name, Anidawehi, is inspired from the Native American belief that individuals have the power within themselves to self-heal.

"Our mission is to help our clients discover how to achieve optimal wellness naturally -- and to sustain it over their lifetime," says Denise Roberson, MBA, Anidawehi Plantation director, and a 30-year veteran of the resort-hospitality industry.

The center will offer five programs in internal cleansing, healthy eating, weight management, age defiance and psychological well-being. Programs include a two-week natural cleansing and lifestyle-coaching program beginning May 4, 2008, as well as three- and four-day wellness center packages.

Leading Anidawehi Plantation's wellness programs is Jackie Graff, RN, BSN, a nationally recognized raw and living foods chef and nutrition consultant.

"By eating raw foods, the body is able to efficiently assimilate the nutrients it needs and eliminate the build up of toxins in the body. Through hands-on food preparation instruction and delicious raw food recipes, we empower guests with the knowledge they need to stay healthy over a lifetime," Graff says.

The Lifestyle Sustainability program further reinforces the learning to help guests adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Other programs focus on weight management and a curriculum on healthy-aging customized to help guests meet their specific health objectives and re-align their lifestyles to be healthier. The Rest and Rejuvenation program provides surroundings, inclusive of medical consultations and life coaching, to enable guests to recover from catastrophic life events, including loss of loved ones, surgery, chemotherapy, or other significant life events.

Anidawehi Plantation's packaged programs include life coaching, spa therapy, yoga classes, and colon hydrotherapy. Other amenities include:

 * a Native American style sweat lodge,
 * an on-site organic garden supplying fresh produce for guest meals,
 * a follow-up support program to help guests sustain their lifestyle

All Anidawehi Plantation visitors stay within the Forrest Hills Resort, choosing from a diverse range of luxury cottages and hotel suites. Corporate or retreat-style lodges also are available for larger groups.

About Anidawehi Plantation Wellness Center

Anidawehi Plantation Wellness Center, located inside the Forrest Hills Resort near the ancient site of a Cherokee village, opened in spring 2008 as a place for self-healing and spiritual renewal. Perched within the Blue Ridge Mountains, Anidawehi is surrounded by 140 acres of wilderness. The name Anidawehi is inspired from the Native American belief that our mind, body and spirit have the ability to heal themselves. Anidawehi Plantation has embraced these traditions in its unique wellness programs.

Five programs are offered in internal cleansing, healthy eating, weight management, age defiance and psychological well-being. Integrated into these programs are life-coaching, spa therapy and yoga classes. Guests also have full access to Forrest Hills' amenities, such as horseback riding, a three-mile jogging/biking trail, and hiking. For more information, visit or call (706) 864-3818.

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