Dahlonega's Anidawehi Plantation to Host Two-day Wellness Seminar June 18-19

Raw Food Demonstrations, Lectures by Leading Holistic, Organic Experts in Health and Wellness

DAHLONEGA, Ga., May 15, 2008 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Learn about the underlying causes of disease and get practical tips on nutrition, anti-aging, energy and weight loss at Anidawehi Plantation's inaugural Wellness Seminar being held June 18-19 in Dahlonega, Georgia.

Anidawehi Plantation is part of Forrest Hills Resort, one of the country's top 100 private resorts, located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Featured keynote speaker, Daniel G. Clark, M.D., a 30-year alternative health physician, will address causes of diseases, and then provide in-depth talks on diabetes/Syndrome X, weight loss and aging solutions. His work in disease treatment earned him the Academic Award for Scientific Research in Cancer, presented in Rome, Italy, in 1984. An entrepreneur and seasoned lecturer, Dr. Clark founded Pure Vitality Inc., a Delray Beach, Fla., anti-aging company in 2007.

The seminar also will include presentations by Anidawehi's wellness staff on the benefits of raw foods, life coaching, yoga and the latest spa treatments. Jackie Graff, RN and Gideon Graff, nationally recognized raw food chefs and nutritionists, will demonstrate several recipes, and Kathy Howell, PhD, Anidawehi's life coach, will address the mind-body-spirit connection and how an individual's belief system can negatively or positively affect health choices.

"All these health issues are tied to lack of nutrition and inflammation in the body," says Dr. Clark. "Consuming processed foods and not getting back to basics are what is doing people in because they are not getting the nourishment they need."

An increasing health burden is diabetes, and a study published in the Jan. 28th issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine found that the prevalence of type 2 diabetes is increasing in both the aging and younger population. Between 1994-95 and 2003-04, new diagnoses of diabetes increased by 23 percent, while the prevalence of those living with the disease increased by 62 percent.

Dr. Clark also will demonstrate anti-aging solutions, which encompass cleansing and detoxing at the cellular level. "Toxins are what age people because they create inflammation."

He will demonstrate Pure Vitality's Rejuvalift Face and Body(r) therapy. Anidawehi Plantation is the first Georgia spa-wellness center to offer Rejuvalift as a certified spa service. This therapy uses microcurrent stimulation to help tone the muscles of the face and tighten the skin.

"We want to be a solutions-based spa and resort. We are excited someone of Dr. Clark's credentials will be part of our first wellness seminar," concludes Denise Roberson, Anidawehi Plantation director.

For more information about the seminar and specifics on the two-day program, call Anidawehi Plantation at (706) 864-3818 or visit www.anidawehi.com. Space is limited to 150 people, so reserve your seat early.

About Anidawehi Plantation Wellness Center

Anidawehi Plantation Wellness Center, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Dahlonega, Ga., opened in spring 2008 as a place for self-healing and spiritual renewal. It is part of Forrest Hills Resort, named a top 100 privately owned resort by Travel and Lodging Magazine for 10 years.

Anidawehi Plantation embraces the concept of health sustainability with its hands-on wellness programs in internal cleansing, healthy eating, weight management, age defiance and psychological well-being. Integrated into these programs are life coaching, spa therapy and yoga classes. Guests also have full access to Forrest Hills' amenities, such as horseback riding, a three-mile jogging/biking trail, and hiking. For more information, visit www.anidawehi.com or call (706) 864-3818. Forrest Hills Resort is accessible online at www.forresthillsresort.com or by calling (706) 864-6456.


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