Taking Back Your Life: When E-Mail Becomes Unmanageable

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - June 17, 2008) - E-mail management is a pain. One way to take charge of this problem is to hire a team of virtual assistants (VA) from a global outsourcing agency to do it for you. Companies large and small, from online dating sites to independent real estate agents, are hiring GlobeTask, a virtual assistance firm, for its expertise in task management.

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Jim Myrick, general manager of ReMax Valley Properties in San Jose, Calif., started working with a VA from GlobeTask to help manage his e-mail, which is helping him grow his business and focus on the aspects of his job that he really enjoys. "I set up a remote login for my VA to manage my e-mail while I sleep," said Myrick. "All of the little details that were being thrown by the wayside before, now receive the proper attention. No matter how busy my day is, everyone always receives a thank you note."

Personally managing overflowing e-mail inboxes can be annoying, difficult to maintain, and a hindrance to both productivity and happiness in someone's personal and professional life. A virtual assistant works within a company's existing framework to develop an appropriate e-mail management plan as well as tailor a plan for personal accounts.

According to Ezra Wanetik, corporate account manager of GlobeTask, small organizations often don't have the protocols in place that are necessary for growth. "GlobeTask works with the client's current procedures and develops a plan based on needs," said Ezra. "It sounds simple, but it can be very complicated. We must define the company's business and learn all of the processes before implementing new ones."

For businesses that require attention around the clock, like online dating sites, GlobeTask offers an alternative to hiring an onsite staff to fill three shifts per day. The virtual assistance firm employs VAs from around the world, enabling the company to provide support and services throughout the day and night.

GlobeTask, a leader in virtual support services, pairs its clients with a team of virtual associates to help complete office duties. The company's virtual associates work directly with their clients and have the support of a skilled team of professionals to provide the highest level of service. Try GlobeTask for free.

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