Synapse SNAP Pro Supports Battery-Powered Mesh Routing

Synapse Releases Sleepy Mesh Scripts to Allow Mesh Routing for SNAP Pro-Based Networks

HUNTSVILLE, AL--(Marketwire - June 18, 2008) - Synapse®, the technical leader of easy-to-use, intelligent, wireless control and monitoring mesh networks, today introduced Sleepy Mesh™, the new battery-powered mesh routing capability, to its SNAP® Pro high-performance, low-power, 802.15.4 wireless mesh networking protocol.

This out-of-the-box capability helps developers avoid the single point-of-failure vulnerability of special, powered routers that must always remain awake, while at the same time maximizing battery life.

Sleepy Mesh allows an entire mesh network to go through alternating periods of low-power sleeping and medium-power wakefulness, thus conserving power. This is very important for extending the life of battery-powered nodes and for reducing the maintenance cost of frequent battery replacement. During sleep mode, all nodes sleep for the entire cycle duration, resulting in a measured current draw of only 1.5-2.5 uA per node.

Sleepy Mesh routing works by electing a leader node to control the wake/sleep cycle for the network. In the event that a leader node loses contact, a new leader is automatically elected from the remaining nodes and the process continues uninterrupted. Thus, AC-powered routers or special coordinator nodes are not required. And since there is no predetermined point of coordination, the network layout does not have to be predefined based on where routers would have to be located.

The power of SNAP Pro, with its easy-to-use scripting language, is again demonstrated with the advent of low-power mesh routing with Sleepy Mesh. The features of Sleepy Mesh are available today to Synapse customers by simply downloading the software from the Synapse Customer Support Forum ( This is one of many powerful capabilities, provided at no cost, to the growing family of SNAP Pro users.

About Synapse Wireless, Inc.

Synapse is a privately held, Huntsville, Alabama company dedicated to developing easy-to-use, intelligent, wireless control and monitoring mesh networks that are low-power, high-performance, self-forming, instant-on, and self-healing. The Synapse SNAP® Pro and Portal® Pro Product Lines enable energy savings, increased productivity, reduced maintenance costs, and amazing convenience to users without requiring embedded programming skills. Because this technology is wireless, it is easy and inexpensive to install and provides rapid return on investment to our customers. Synapse also provides custom design support for OEMs through its Solutions Now service. As a member of the ZigBee Alliance and with RF Engine™ modules having achieved ZigBee® Compliant Platform (ZCP) certification, Synapse will also provide comprehensive design and implementation support for full ZigBee stack or customized wireless applications. Synapse's experienced software and hardware engineers help customers implement wireless network solutions quickly and reliably.

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