Rising Gas Prices Force More Than 60 Percent of Baby Boomers to Cancel, Postpone or Change Summer Travel Plans, According to Eons.com Survey

More Than 75 Percent of Boomers Are Simply Driving Less Due to High Gas Prices

CHARLESTOWN, MA--(Marketwire - June 24, 2008) - Today, Eons.com, the largest social networking site for baby boomers, revealed the findings of its "Gas and Summer Travel Boomer Poll," which polled more than 750 members of the Eons.com community. The poll was conducted between June 5-19, 2008 and asked boomers, "How is the price of gas affecting your summer travel plans?" and "How is the price of gas affecting your everyday travel?" The poll revealed that 38 percent of boomers are not traveling this summer or have postponed a scheduled trip. For boomers who are still traveling, 23 percent have altered their summer travel destinations to "stay closer to home." The poll also showed that more than 75 percent of boomers are simply driving less, opting to make fewer trips out, visit people less often and shop online more frequently.

"Despite being regarded as the generation with the most disposable income, many boomers who live on a fixed income are very affected by rising costs," said Jeff Taylor, Eons.com founder and CEO. "On Eons.com, we noticed that our members were sharing stories about dealing with the high costs of fuel and offering advice to other members on how to cut expenses in groups such as 'Frugal Over 50,' 'Squeaking by Retirement,' and 'Getting by in a Bad Economy.'"

Full survey results are as follows:

How is the price of gas affecting your summer travel plans?

I decided not to travel this summer or canceled/postponed
 a scheduled trip                                            38.4%

It didn't affect my travel plans                               33%

I changed my plans to include a destination closer to home   22.7%

I will travel by bus/train/plane instead of driving             6%

How is the price of gas affecting your everyday travel?

I simply drive less: make fewer trips out, visit people
 less often, shop online, etc.                               75.6%

It isn't affecting my everyday travel                        11.3%

I have downsized or plan to downsize my car                   6.5%

I have been walking or riding my bike/moped more often        4.3%

Instead of driving I've been taking public transportation
 and/or carpooling                                            2.2%

"Last April, my wife and I sold our sedan and purchased a hybrid to bring down our monthly gas expenses," said Dale Conover, a 50-year-old from Glendale, Ariz. and Eons member since March 2007. "Despite the lifestyle changes, we've still had to cut back on our non-work related driving. All expendable income is crucial and we postponed a family road trip to Texas for at least one year until the gas prices go down, if they ever do."


The "Gas and Summer Travel Boomer Poll" was conducted of Eons.com members from June 5-19, 2008. More than 750 of Eons.com baby boomer members participated in the survey.

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