Workers' Comp Kit Blog Launched by Amaxx

MANSFIELD, CT--(Marketwire - June 24, 2008) - Workers' Comp Boot Camp Blog -- a unique blog where employers can get answers from experts to questions about injury and compensation management -- is now online at

The blog features advice from experts like David Dubin, M.D., and attorney Rebecca Shafer, president of Amaxx, the blog's sponsor. It is a discussion forum for employers with high workers' comp costs.

"We'll be doing some online teaching as part of the blog. Better post-injury management is a key to reducing compensation costs by as much as 50 percent," Shafer said. "This blog focuses on how to create systems to work with injured employees and speed return to work."

The blog is syndicated so you can sign up for regular updates.

The original "boot camp" -- a crash course in workers' comp management for risk managers and HR pros -- was created by Shafer about 10 years ago.

For example, employers must distinguish between pre-existing injuries -- that aren't compensable -- and work-related injuries. To make the distinction, the employer needs to obtain the employee's medical history before the seeming workplace injury. Functional capacity testing is another useful tool discussed in the blog.

The blog is part of, which provides many free workers' compensation cost-control tools and forms, as well Workers Comp Kit®, a comprehensive online cost-control program.

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