ChosenList Offers Businesses Free Video Classifieds

Video Classifieds Site Provides Web 2.0 Brand Safe Advertising Solution

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - July 14, 2008) - ChosenList™, the premier resource for clean content classifieds, careers and social networking, provides small and medium-size business owners an effective way to promote their company and sell products and services through video advertisements in a community-safe online resource that prohibits objectionable content.

ChosenList hosts 30 to 60 second video-based classifieds free of charge, providing the best option for businesses to use online videos for promotion and commercial advertising. The associated expense for placement and production of a 30 second television ad can consume an entire marketing budget for some small companies. The free classified service offered by ChosenList is an alternative for budget-conscious business owners and marketers that want to maximize the reach of commercial advertising through the Internet.

Online video viewing continues to grow and use by businesses can be seen on popular sites like YouTube. comScore reports that nearly 135 million U.S. Internet users watched an average of 82 videos per viewer in April 2008. Craigslist boasts 30 million U.S. users each month for their popular text-based classifieds web site which are more commonly being used by businesses to take advantage of the growing online classifieds market.

"As online video usage increases, business owners want to take advantage of the captive audience without sacrificing their reputation and brand integrity because they are posting their ads alongside unsavory content that is not safe for all viewing ages," said Cary Peters, president and COO of ChosenList. "We provide the most cost-effective, safe online video advertising option that is open to millions of buyers, and the reason it is cost-effective is because it is absolutely free."

Most video classifieds at ChosenList are produced with inexpensive digital cameras that allow for simple upload through any computer USB port. If a business wants to hire someone to shoot a video ad, ChosenList offers access to videographers through their exclusive Video-Agent™ network.

Video classifieds on are listed by topic areas of interest to increase search capabilities and attract buyers by interests. All advertisers are offered a free map with directions to locate the business. ChosenList is currently open in a dozen cities and plans to launch service in 300 cities within the next year.


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