Coghead Introduces Affordable Access Option for Its Platform-as-a-Service

Open API and Coglet Builder Allow Developers to Integrate Coghead Applications With Websites and Create iPhone- and Google-Ready Widgets

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwire - July 22, 2008) -

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-- Coghead, a leading platform-as-a-service provider, today introduced a new flat-rate pricing option and Coglet Builder and open API tools that together provide an affordable way to give a broad number of users access to a "slice" of application functionality.

-- The Limited User pricing model is an affordable, flat-rate price of $50 per month that enables an unlimited number of users -- customers, prospects, partners, suppliers and web visitors -- to interact with relevant "slices" of Coghead applications.

-- The Limited User option is an economical and easy way for businesses to make a piece of their Coghead applications -- such as forms and list data -- widely available to an unlimited audience without logging into Coghead.

-- The Limited User option is designed for users who occasionally access applications, or for applications that have small numbers of active users and a large number of less active users.

-- With the Limited User pricing option, businesses can integrate their Coghead applications using the following:

-- Coglet™ Builder -- This easy-to-use, web-based widget builder steps users through the process of adding a lightweight "slice" of a Coghead application to any web page. These small-form-factor Coglets are ideal for access via mobile devices or Google pages. A beta version of Coglet Builder is available today.

-- Coghead's open API -- This interface allows developers to easily integrate their Coghead applications with a website or other business application. Users can now connect to Coghead applications via specific access points within an application.

-- Sample usage scenarios:

-- A manufacturer uses Coglet Builder to display product and inventory data into an external website view that is accessible by its suppliers from a password protected area.

-- A real estate brokerage that maintains its listings in a Coghead application uses Coglet Builder to push search criteria to its dynamic website so that visitors can search by criteria, save searches, drill into listings to see pictures, and complete forms to contact an agent.

-- An international freight company uses the Coghead API to integrate its Coghead CRM application with its Business Objects business intelligence application to extract real-time customer and warehouse data for global business tracking reports used by the management team.

-- Coghead's flat-rate pricing option of $50 per month for two access points can be added to any Coghead account and is available immediately. Additional access points are available for $15 per month each. Coghead continues to offer per-user pricing plans for full access to Coghead applications.


Paul McNamara, Coghead's CEO: "Today, Coghead is responding to strong customer demand to support applications with a large number of users who only need access to a portion of the application. The low, flat-rate pricing option allows businesses to deploy Coghead applications that economically support thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of users. Additionally, our new open API and Coglet Builder provide our developers with the tools they need to rapidly integrate Coghead applications with their business infrastructure."


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