Disaboom Offers Five Tips to Live Forward With Disabilities

Premier Online Community for People Touched by Disability Provides Information, Community and Connection for People Faced With a New Disability

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - July 22, 2008) - More than half of Americans would rather die than live with a severe disability, according to a recent nationwide study by Disaboom (OTCBB: DSBO) (www.disaboom.com), the premier online community for people touched by disability. The Disaboom community wants to quash this tragic viewpoint and instead, offer tools to live forward.

"I think most able-bodied people would say that they'd rather die because they have no point of reference. So the thought of disability is scary and intimidating," said Whitney Sivill, a Disaboom blogger. "But if they were ever put in the situation, the majority would react like the rest of us -- go through the grief process, adapt and thrive."

With 21,000 daily site visits, disaboom.com offers people faced with a new disability the tools, tips, and support they need to adapt, thrive, and live forward. The site combines social-networking features similar to Facebook.com with information of interest to people living with or touched by disability, including medical news and lifestyle articles about job hunting, dating, travel, political issues, accessibility, adaptive driving, caregiving, and more.

"We want to share ways for people to understand that disability isn't the end of life. It can be a new beginning," said Dr. Glen House, founder of Disaboom and a quadriplegic himself. "By taking advantage of resources such as disaboom.com, people with disabilities can find the information, community, and connection that will enable them to pave a path that supports new goals and dreams -- and determine the way they will choose to live forward."

Based on experience with his own disability, House also offers five Tips for Living Forward:

1. Look at what you can do and don't focus on what you can't.

2. Use your disability to your benefit.

3. Now prove you are using your disability to your benefit! No easy roads. Work harder.

4. Look for people who are going through something similar and get their advice. If you can't find someone, be a pioneer.

5. Connect and use resources.

To find more tips and tools for living forward with a disability, visit http://www.disaboom.com.

About Disaboom

Disaboom, Inc. was founded as a dynamic, diverse, and interactive online community dedicated to constantly improving the way people with disabilities or functional limitations live their lives. It also serves as a comprehensive online resource not only for people living with such conditions, but also for their immediate families and friends, caregivers, recreation and rehabilitation providers, and employers. More than 54 million American adults live with disabilities or functional limitations today in the United States alone. Founded and designed by doctors and fellow disaboomers to meet this community's specific needs, www.disaboom.com brings together content and tools ranging from specialized health information to social networking to daily living resources, in a single interactive site.

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