Contact Centers Gain Flexibility to Meet Customer Needs Through Dynamic Scheduling

Oslo Optimizes Contact Center Resources So That Customer Service Becomes Differentiated Advantage

MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwire - July 23, 2008) - Oslo Software today unveiled how it is helping organizations extend their investment in Contact Center software to significantly improve customer service. Through its unique technological breakthrough for dynamic resource allocation and management, Oslo provides the only scalable solution for organizations to guarantee the proper handling of customer inquires in contact centers with multi-tier service level agreements and variable business rules, through any communication channel. This is in response to customer demand for improved service through the contact center, as the number of inquiry calls that are mishandled or ultimately "violate SLA compliance" continues to grow at an alarming rate. Oslo's solution allows organizations to create and maintain service as a differentiator.

Every company needs to differentiate itself in a crowded market, and one way of doing that is through great customer service. An enterprise that is dedicated to engaging its customers as partners, proactively solving problems, and delivering the right service, at the right time, in the right place, and in the right channel, will continuously reset the bar for service excellence. A poor contact center infrastructure makes it virtually impossible to provide good customer service. "As contact centers evolve to meet the changes in customer communication channels, their managers face increasingly difficult challenges, ranging from managing a distributed workforce to integrating new multi-channel applications," notes Elizabeth Herrell, Forrester. "Fortunately, new solutions and applications now help to improve the quality of work and to direct contact center processes more efficiently." (Inquiry Insights: Contact Center Technologies, Q3 2008, July 17, 2008)

"The era of pure product or price advantage in the consumer marketplace is not likely to occur again," said Emmanuel Gonon, CEO of Oslo Software. "They can be duplicated, but a strong customer service offering can give a company a unique competitive advantage." That is why we choose to apply our unique solution to the contact center. Contact Centers represent a tremendous competitive advantage, he says, because customers "place a high value on customer service."

In addition to optimizing contact center resource usage, and ultimately improving the level of customer service, Oslo's technological breakthrough also benefits the organization by improving the company's image, reducing attrition, building loyalty, increasing purchase consideration and driving cross and up sales. At a time when consumers perceive most products and services as being undifferentiated, Oslo provides a means for companies to empower themselves with customer service as a competitive differentiator.

About Oslo Software

Oslo Software enables business to quickly and cost-effectively optimize customer service and time-to-market performance and agility while increasing profitability through resource allocation and management efficiency. Only Oslo Software can provide this functionality in environments characterized by a high process volume, variability, and a short time to decision constraint. The company is based in Lyon, France with offices in Menlo Park, California. Please visit for more information.

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