CrunchTime Games Announces "Shred Nebula" Release on September 3rd

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwire - September 2, 2008) - James Goddard, CEO of independent game developer CrunchTime Games, has announced the release of "Shred Nebula" on Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Arcade on September 3rd. Goddard, who is also the Professor of Game Development and program champion at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT), will be using the game documentation to show the independent game and educational communities a real-world example of design and pitching.

Goddard incorporated exclusive portions of "Shred Nebula's" documentation within UAT's gaming curricula over the summer semester. Positive feedback garnered from the past semester has prompted Goddard to release the full version to students in Fall 2008. Goddard feels this release will help students understand how the game industry works while offering more of a hands-on approach to game development.

Releasing style and design documentation is rare within the game industry, but Goddard believes this practice has the potential to set a new standard because it opens the door for game releases to have an educational component that elevates gaming beyond simple entertainment. The game documents and other design files will be released on the game's website ( within hours of the Xbox LIVE Arcade launch at 12:00 pm PDT on September 3rd.

Goddard has long believed that the game industry overlooks the value of tapping into fresh minds and ideas during game development. In putting together the development team for "Shred Nebula," Goddard gathered first-time programmers and artists from UAT and other local universities. During the game build, Goddard had the opportunity to see two of his developers graduate from UAT.

About UAT: The University of Advancing Technology is a unique, private college that serves its student body by fostering knowledge, creation and academic excellence in an environment that embraces the young technophiles of the world. With three centers of research and a suite of technology-centered undergraduate and graduate degrees, the University is a recognized leader in technology education.

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