Sage CRM Solutions Announces Sage SalesLogix v7.5 at the Gartner Customer Relationship Management Summit

New Sage SalesLogix v7.5 CRM Suite Delivers Comprehensive and Customizable Web Experience, Web 2.0 Technology Integration, and Enhanced Lead and List Management

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - September 8, 2008) - GARTNER Customer Relationship Management Summit -- Sage CRM Solutions, part of the Sage Group plc, today announced the new Sage SalesLogix v7.5 CRM suite at the Gartner Customer Relationship Management Summit. Sage SalesLogix v7.5 delivers a comprehensive connected and disconnected Web user experience, as well as integration with Web 2.0 technologies so users can access and interact with tools such as Google Maps, Jigsaw, LinkedIn, Zillow, and others. Personalized welcome pages, enhanced lead management and list creation, and productivity tools such as timeline visualization are also among new features. Sage SalesLogix v7.5 is available for purchase today in North America. Additional local language versions will be delivered incrementally.

"Sage SalesLogix v7.5 leverages modern Internet capabilities to give users the richest and most interactive CRM experience possible from a wide range of client devices," explained Joe Bergera, executive vice president and global general manager, Sage CRM Solutions. "For example, Sage SalesLogix can 'mash up' contextual information from the Web, such as LinkedIn profiles, to provide users with a more complete picture of their customers."

Sage SalesLogix v7.5 is being demonstrated at booth F during the Gartner Customer Relationship Management Summit, September 8th through 10th. An online flash demonstration is also available at

"We collected an incredible amount of product feedback this year, and the most important themes we heard were the ability for users to work anywhere on a variety of devices, and to improve their productivity," said David van Toor, senior vice president and general manager, Sage CRM Solutions North America. "Sage SalesLogix is squarely focused on these with advanced Web interface capabilities that we believe users and competing CRM providers alike will find impressive. Nobody else is delivering a Web CRM experience in this manner. We encourage everyone to take a look."

Sage SalesLogix v7.5 delivers on the comprehensive technology and 'anywhere workforce' commitments of the Sage CRM Solutions 2010 product strategy and vision, first announced in March 2008. New Sage SalesLogix v7.5 features include:

--  Comprehensive Web CRM - Users can access Sage SalesLogix anywhere via
    a Web browser without sacrificing usability or functionality. The Web
    client works with an Internet connection or while disconnected. In addition
    to sales force automation and marketing campaigns, customer support
    capabilities for assets, contracts, returns, and defects are now available
    through the Web client.
--  Simplified data access - The Web client allows rapid creation and
    viewing of highly targeted lists. New group tabs, data filters, and the
    ability to select multiple records at once simplify data access, sorting,
    and organization. Users can see at-a-glance details with a new summary view
    and drill down for additional details.
--  Enhanced lead management - A Web wizard simplifies lead import, allows
    de-duplication upon import, and enables rule-based lead routing. Users can
    log interactions and activities with leads before converting them to
    contacts, and perform actions en masse such as adding notes to groups of
--  Personalized data views - A customizable welcome page shows each
    user's priority activities, notes, opportunities and more with drill-down
    links for more information. Timeline visualization gives users a graphical
    and chronological account view with all associated opportunities, tickets,
    and news items, among other details. Process orchestration provides
    advanced automation capabilities to build conditional processes within
    common or more sophisticated tasks.
--  Integrated Web 2.0 technology - 'Mashup' capabilities, powered by
    'RESTful' Web services that request data via embedded url-style addresses,
    enable Web applications including Google Maps, Jigsaw, LinkedIn, Zillow and
    others to display relevant real-time data in Sage Saleslogix. Graphic
    controls enable 'sparkline' snap shots of historical data, such as sales
    pipeline amount over time.
--  Productivity improvements - An enhanced Web interface improves screen
    resizing and limits scrolling. The toolbar expands or collapses to obtain a
    desired data view. A new title bar indicates where a user is in the
    application, such as the accounts view. Users can also view data in
    multiple middle panes and associate attachments with specific activities,
    among other new and improved features.

A complete list of Sage SalesLogix v7.5 features is available at

Sage SalesLogix is a full-featured, customizable, multi-client CRM solution that provides businesses with a complete view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, customer service, and support functions. With Sage SalesLogix, businesses can manage their entire sales cycle and increase team performance by automating sales processes, monitoring and forecasting sales activity, responding promptly and knowledgeably to inquiries and opportunities, and targeting campaigns to their most profitable customers and prospects. Business analytics tools further enable users to make better strategic decisions and manage resources. More than 300,000 users at over 8,500 companies worldwide rely on Sage SalesLogix Web, Windows, and mobile access options to manage their customer information and accelerate sales results.

Sage SalesLogix v7.5 North American pricing begins at $795 per user license. For more details, view the online flash demonstration at, visit, or call (800) 643-6400.

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