Transitive(R) Ships QuickTransit(R) for Solaris(TM)/x86 With Adobe(R) Reader(R) to Improve PDF Capabilities for Solaris Customers Using x86 Platforms

Cross-Platform Virtualization Leader Transitive Delivers the Benefits of the World's Most Popular PDF Reader Prior to Release of Natively-Compiled Version in 2009

LOS GATOS, CA--(Marketwire - September 9, 2008) - Transitive® Corporation, the leading provider of cross-platform virtualization solutions, today announced the release of QuickTransit® for Solaris™/x86 with Adobe® Reader®, a free product that allows users of the Solaris/x86 operating system to enjoy the full functionality of the popular Adobe Reader software from Adobe. The new product will remain available until Adobe ships its version of Adobe Reader for Solaris/x86 in 2009.

QuickTransit for Solaris/x86 with Adobe Reader is delivered as a single file that is quick and easy to install, and can be downloaded from the Transitive Web site at:

QuickTransit for Solaris/x86 with Adobe Reader addresses the needs of many users of the Solaris/x86 operating system to view Portable Document Format (PDF) files. While some limited-functionality PDF viewing tools are available for Solaris/x86, there is currently not a natively-compiled version of Adobe Reader for that operating system with the full functionality that users have come to expect on other platforms. QuickTransit for Solaris/x86 with Adobe Reader solves this problem by allowing the Solaris/SPARC version of Adobe Reader 8.1.2 to run unmodified on Solaris/x86 platforms.

"Transitive's solution to this customer need is elegant, simple and -- best of all -- free," said Ian Robinson, vice-president of marketing for Transitive. "QuickTransit for Solaris/x86 with Adobe Reader can be downloaded and installed quickly and easily to provide comprehensive PDF viewing and printing capabilities for any Solaris/x86 user."

QuickTransit for Solaris/x86 with Adobe Reader allows Solaris/x86 users to take advantage of unique Adobe Reader 8.1.2 functionality that is not available in low-end PDF viewers, such as Web browser plug-in support, 3D rendering support, encryption, the validation of digitally-signed documents and the ability to save completed forms. Transitive's cross-platform virtualization implementation ensures that the execution of this Solaris/SPARC software on an x86-based platform remains invisible to the end user.

"Adobe welcomes this innovative solution provided by Transitive," said Steve Gottwals, group product manager for Adobe Reader. "We encourage Adobe Reader customers using Solaris/x86 systems to consider taking advantage of this solution until our forthcoming Adobe Reader 9 for Solaris/x86 ships in 2009."

The new Transitive product is derived from the popular QuickTransit for Solaris™/SPARC®-to-Solaris™/x86-64, a powerful enterprise cross-platform virtualization solution capable of running a broad range of commercial, open source and internally-developed Solaris/SPARC workloads. Other products in Transitive's enterprise cross-platform virtualization product line include QuickTransit for Solaris™/SPARC®-to-Linux®/x86-64 and QuickTransit for Solaris™/SPARC®-to-Linux®/Itanium®.

To address the most typical customer deployments, Transitive offers three configurations of its QuickTransit product line: QuickTransit Workstation is intended for use on desktop and laptop PCs; QuickTransit Server is used for large-scale datacenter consolidation projects; and QuickTransit Legacy is a specialized version for application re-hosting from very old legacy hardware running operating system versions that are no longer supported.

Evaluation versions of QuickTransit can be downloaded from the Transitive Web site at:

QuickTransit for Solaris/x86 with Adobe Reader demonstrates how cross-platform virtualization can increase the platform coverage of applications without requiring the development of a new port. Many independent software vendors (ISVs) have taken advantage of QuickTransit to make their Solaris/SPARC applications immediately available for the rapidly-growing installed base of x86 systems, thereby increasing their addressable market, while avoiding the expense and delays typically associated with porting projects. Customers of those ISVs benefit from increased hardware choices, while the ISVs can maintain the efficiencies of focusing their development, testing and support efforts on a single code base.

About Transitive Corporation

Transitive is a leader in cross-platform virtualization, and its award-winning QuickTransit technology is built into more than 15 million computers worldwide. QuickTransit allows software applications that have been compiled for one processor and operating system to run on systems with different processors and operating systems, without any source code or binary changes and at speeds comparable to native ports. As a result, QuickTransit allows IT managers to quickly and easily replicate legacy enterprise applications from the original hardware and run them on modern, standardized platforms without incurring the costs and delays of porting projects, and without disruption to end users. This workload replication helps enterprise customers improve business continuity, including superior disaster recovery, scalability and high-availability solutions.

Transitive's cross-platform virtualization technology is the foundation for Apple's Rosetta translation software (built into Apple's Intel-based Macintosh computers) and also for PowerVM Lx86, which is available for all IBM Power Systems enterprise servers. Transitive Corporation is located in Los Gatos, California with a research and development team in Manchester, UK. More information can be found at Transitive's Web site at

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