Lehman & AIG exposure


Boussard & Gavaudan Holding Limited
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Lehman & AIG exposure
16 September 2008
Dear Shareholder,
Approximately 99% of BGHL's investments are in Sark Fund Ltd.
Sark Master Fund Ltd is not using Lehman Brothers as a prime broker.
From the trades we did at the end of last week, Sark has a settlement risk which notional is equivalent to 0.37% of its AUM that should be cleared by Wednesday. Lehman Brothers has indicated that they intend to settle all the trades executed last week. In case they do not settle, we would be exposed to a fraction of this amount since it is mostly "delivery versus payment" risk.
Additionally, Sark has an exposure left to Lehman Brothers International Europe due to its OTC Equity Derivatives positions traded under ISDA. This exposure is 0.40% of the AUM of the fund. We intend to serve notice on LBIE in order to accelerate the trades. Most likely, this claim will join the pool of LBIE unsecured senior creditors.
Finally, Sark owns a loan in sub participation through Lehman Commercial Paper Inc. The asset value of this loan is 0.7% of Sark's AUM and could potentially constitute an exposure to LCPI. We are exploring with Lehman the possibility of becoming lender of record on this loan as soon as they can resume trading.
We are confident that after Wednesday's settlement - and if all settles properly - our exposure to Lehman will not exceed 1.1% of Sark's AUM.
Sark Master Fund Ltd has no exposure to AIG.
Best regards,
Emmanuel Gavaudan & Emmanuel Boussard.
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Emmanuel Gavaudan                               

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