Luxury Institute Survey: Vacation Homes and Exotic Vacations Luxury Experiences of Choice for Wealthy U.S. Consumers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 20, 2008) - Wealthy U.S. consumers report that owning a vacation home is the item they most desire, and taking exotic vacations is their most sought-after luxury experience, according to a Luxury Institute survey of U.S. consumers with average household income of $332,000 and average net-worth of $3.3 million. The study was developed with Resonance Consultancy Ltd.

According to the survey, wealthy U.S. consumers place more importance on experiences such as owning a vacation home, taking vacations, working from home and taking extended time from work, than traditional luxury items such as jewelry, fashion and personal services.

"Especially in this challenging year, as they struggle to keep their businesses alive, wealthy consumers value free time above all. The wealthy, most of whom are self-made Main Street folks, are just like the rest of us except that they have sacrificed more and risked more to create value for their customers and jobs. One day when their kids and grandkids Google them, most wealthy Americans will make their families proud," said Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute.

In ranking the desirability of a variety of luxury items, 56% of wealthy U.S. consumers ranked owning a vacation home as "very desirable," vaulting it to the top of the list, while 43% say they are considering purchasing a vacation home. Fifty-one percent ranked taking exotic vacations as "very desirable."

"Despite the gloom and doom in the real-estate market, the luxury vacation home market seems well positioned for the long term as the affluent seek to fulfill their ownership aspirations," said Chris Fair, president, Resonance Consultancy.

When at home, the wealthy participate in typical recreational activities such as watching television (95%), dining out (95%), and surfing the internet (93%). Activities they most want to try include participating in fitness classes (35%), going to the gym (29%) and volunteering (26%).

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