Cutting Edge Information Publishes Report Forecasting DPP-4 Inhibitor Sales to Increase 450% Through 2013

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC--(Marketwire - November 21, 2008) - A recently published therapeutic area forecasting report from pharmaceutical business intelligence leader Cutting Edge Information finds that DPP-4 inhibitors will quickly become the highest-grossing class within the diabetes market, even outpacing the long-acting insulins.

The DPP-4 class entered the market in 2006 when Merck won approval to market Januvia. The class has three distinct advantages setting it apart from competitors: a lowered risk for hypoglycemia, a lowered risk for weight gain, and an oral formulation. Though Januvia remains the only FDA-approved DPP-4 inhibitor, two rivals are racing through development, and both are expected to reach blockbuster status.

"With health scares linked to TZDs and GLP-1 analogs, the DPP-4 class has become a lucrative research target within the diabetes field," says lead author Jeremy Spivey. "Januvia will likely become the top-selling Type II diabetes drug by 2012, and other companies are eager to produce DPP-4s of their own."

"Diabetes Market Forecast to 2013" ( examines trends affecting the diabetes space today and their impact leading into the next decade. It details the historical, current and forecasted performance of more than 50 drugs -- including marketed brands, pipeline products and those still in development -- treating diabetes and its complications, as well as analyzing the top seven drug makers in the diabetes market.

The report breaks diabetes data down by individual drug, class, and company; and it identifies which drug classes have the most potential in a highly competitive market. The structure leads to data comparisons and analyses across multiple levels, and enables an honest appraisal of key developments facing players in the diabetes space.

Brand and drug manufacturer profiles are also included. Brand profiles detail a product's competitive and strategic positioning, market opportunities, and patent and litigation status.

Profiles include the following information:

--  Drug's current and projected competitive strength
--  Current/projected sales position within drug class
--  Sales projection charts for the next four to seven years
--  Competitive assessment
--  Clinical trial information

Company profiles analyze seven companies with the top diabetes franchises or exciting development pipelines. Profiles contain:

--  Company ranking in diabetes market
--  Overall industry ranking
--  Strengths analysis
--  Growth areas analysis
--  Competition analysis
--  Key products breakdown

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