Spin Trim Introduces Innovative Hoof Trimming Disk for Cattle Industry

Hoof Trimming Critical to Prevent Lameness in Cattle; Spin Trim Disk Makes Cattle Hoof Trimming Faster and Easier

PARADISE, UT--(Marketwire - January 22, 2009) - Spin Trim Inc. today introduced the Spin Trim Disk, an innovative hoof trimming disk for cattle designed to help prevent lameness and ensure sustained milk production. The lightweight disk is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and hardened with anodize to ensure strength and resist wear. Spin Trim's patent-pending design features five carbide blades with cutting edges on all four sides and it attaches easily to 4.5 and 5-inch angle grinders. Disks and blades are available exclusively through Spin Trim at www.spintrimdisk.com.

"Hoof trimming is critically important to preventing hoof diseases and lameness," said David Leishman, co-founder of Spin Trim, Inc. "Studies show that treating cows with lameness can cost nearly $350 per incident, whereas preventive care through hoof trimming is considerably faster and less expensive. The Spin Trim Disk is designed to save dairy farmers' time, effort and the costly treatment, and we are confident that our new product will help farmers to maintain the necessary hoof health of their cattle to ensure optimal milk production."

The Spin Trim Disk provides dairy farmers and ranchers the following core benefits:

--  More for Less -- Disks are manufactured to be extremely strong and
    wear resistant for maximum life. Despite the high quality manufacturing,
    the Spin Trim Disk costs less than competitor products.
--  Replaceable Blades -- Spin Trim's carbide blades have cutting edges on
    four sides, allowing users to trim up to 400 cows on one set of blades.
    When the blades wear out, they can be simply disposed of, as a new set of
    10 blades costs the same as current re-sharpening techniques.
--  See Through -- When spinning, Spin Trim Disk's design allows users to
    see through the disk so they can visually, as well as tactically, monitor
    their progress.
--  Less Weight -- Spin Trim Disks are lighter than competitive products,
    which will make a big difference to users after a long day of trimming.

A University of Minnesota study found that nearly 25 percent of cows are lame at any one time, and several studies have found that lameness and foot disease result in the decrease of a cow's milk production. Hoof trimming with the Spin Trim Disk allows cattle to distribute their weight evenly between the two claws on each hoof and across all four legs to achieve maximum cow productivity and longevity.

Leishman added, "The Spin Trim Disk allows users to trim more, for less cost, with less fatigue and less hassle. It is a smart investment for dairy farmers and hoof trimmers."

For more information on the Spin Trim Disk, including a video demonstration of how it is used, visit www.spintrimdisk.com.

About Spin Trim

Spin Trim is the manufacturer of the patent-pending Spin Trim Disk, an innovative hoof trimming disk that helps prevent lameness in cattle while ensuring sustained milk production. The Spin Trim Disk has also proven effective in shaping wood, plastic and foam. Spin Trim Inc. is a private company based in Paradise, Utah. For more information, visit www.spintrimdisk.com or call 435-760-1247.

Contact Information: Media Contact: David Leishman 435-760-1247