PanTerra Networks Introduces Unified Presence and Mobility

WorldSmart Continues to Change the Way Small and Medium Enterprises Communicate

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - January 28, 2009) - PanTerra Networks ( has redefined presence management for the SME and the Enterprise. Imagine a world where all of your communications vehicles converge upon one Unified Presence Management™ Platform. PanTerra's Presence Management and Mobility Services allow you to determine when, where and how you communicate. Here's how it works: based on your availability it will deliver your incoming calls, Emails, Instant messages and SMS texts to the device/interface that you prefer. PanTerra Networks, a leading provider of on-demand unified communications services for small and mid-sized businesses, today announced the launch of its Unified Presence and Mobility feature, further enhancing its WorldSmart Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

Unified Presence and Mobility includes three key applications:

MobileCall -- enables users to seamlessly move calls from a WorldSmart phone to another phone without interrupting the conversation. With MobileCall, users can make or take a call on their desk phone and transparently "move" it to their mobile phone without the caller even noticing. The user can then move the call back to a landline phone when they arrive at their destination. This feature enables greater productivity to manage important communications for the mobile workforce and people who are often on the road.

MobileMessage -- allows users to seamlessly route messages from one messaging system to another based on their "presence" status. For example, if someone sends a WorldSmart user an Instant Message (IM) but the user is not in front of their computer, MobileMessage will automatically route the IM to the user's cell phone via SMS, or to their BlackBerry via email. And if the user responds, the reply message is automatically routed back to the original messaging system (IM in this case). With MobileMessage, users will always get their messages no matter where they are or how they are sent.

IM/Phone Synchronization -- allows users to automatically update their presence status whenever they are on their Softphone or any of their IP phones. The display is visible to all online users added to the IM messenger buddy list and other online users in the same account.

"Our customers look at unified communications to provide access to voice and data applications anywhere, anytime and with any device," said Arthur Chang, CEO at PanTerra Networks. "We provide all the elements, from communications to collaboration to call center, now from mobility to presence, which enables customers to maximize their productivity and return on investment and extend business critical applications to their mobile phone and beyond."

The new unified presence and mobility feature significantly increases business productivity and enhanced collaboration. Real-time voice communications will be more transparent with MobileCall. Rich presence status conveys important information about an individual's ability to communicate. With a few clicks, messages are routed to the appropriate device or devices.

"The best thing about PanTerra is that we don't pay extra for new features. We benefit automatically whenever the software is upgraded," said Hensley Cook, Director of Information Technology at Business Services Unlimited, Inc., a Jackson Hewitt Franchisee. "Now our mobile workforce gets better user experience. With MobileCall, I can start a call with my office phone and switch to my cell phone without having the other party hang-up or hold-on, all the way back home and switch to my home phone seamlessly until I complete the conversation. With MobileMessage, I can receive messages from any messaging system. WorldSmart has the intelligence to know and route IM messages to email or cell phone SMS based on my presence status. Finally, if I am on my desk phone, my IM client will automatically update my status with 'On The Phone' as well. WorldSmart is a truly unified communications platform. We are a lot more productive and responsive as a business."

"This is a critical step forward in the PanTerra Unified Communication offerings. Integrating Mobility into unified communications is now emerging," said Randy Ownbey, General Manager at Rosario Wireless. "Together, we are now able to offer our customers more value added services and help drive down the overall costs of business mobile communications. Our unified communications message is stronger and more compelling. We are looking forward to working closely with PanTerra to lead this new market."

About PanTerra Networks

PanTerra Networks is a leading provider of on-demand unified communications Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The Company's WorkSuites provide a complete set of communication, collaboration, call center and messaging services including unlimited voice, web meeting and conference, secure instant messaging, multimedia conferencing, remote desktop sharing and ACD/call center services delivered in a single easy to provision and easy to use and administer interface. WorkSuites have the ability to tightly integrate with other business applications like Salesforce automation, which makes it an ideal productivity tool. PanTerra's WorkSuite on-demand services keep capital investment low and align operating expense to business value. WorkSuites are co-branded and re-sold exclusively through service providers, distributors and resellers. The Company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. For more information, visit or call +1 408.702.2200.

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