Twofish Announces Advanced Virtual Economy Data Platform for Social Networks, Casual Games and Virtual Worlds

Twofish Elements Partners with Pocketville(R), Star Fever Agency, Pangaea, Ignite Skill Gaming, and RevNjenz(R) to Maximize Virtual Economy Revenues

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - March 10, 2009) - Twofish is proud to announce its first casual and social gaming partners for Twofish Elements, the only virtual economy data platform that maximizes revenues and engagement using post-purchase intelligence. This advanced solution collects the deepest currency and account data available, giving developers an unparalleled ability to test and optimize pricing, currency exchange and content pipelines.

Drive Your Virtual Economy Beyond Conversion

Building out a virtual economy is no small task, and maintaining its progress and growth is a time-consuming and complex undertaking. Twofish eases the burden for partners with industry-leading features:

--  Post-Purchase Insights: Twofish allows partners to track the unique
    lifecycle of every user, item and currency, and then cut that data against
    sales, usage and engagement, both within and across applications on any
    platform or social network.
--  Limitless Currency Support: Twofish supports limitless currencies,
    providing maximum flexibility for partners as they design new social
    experiences and scale their businesses. With application-specific
    currencies or a global wallet, developers get to choose how best to
    optimize their virtual economy.
--  Economics Made Easy: Twofish goes beyond core commerce metrics to
    track and report on more sophisticated analytic principles, such as
    scarcity, velocity and stagnancy.
--  Multi-Tenancy: Twofish allows enterprise-grade partners to securely
    share or silo data as they scale. Multi-tenancy allows a partner to roll
    out a global currency while allowing developers to maintain app-specific
    points systems, or mine user data across applications, while staying secure
    between developers.
--  Secure and Scalable: Twofish enables partners to scale securely and
    flexibly, with an extensible data model, secure data storage, double-ledger
    accounting, Twofish Merchant Services and more.

Twofish Partners Leverage Next Generation of Virtual Economy Analytics

Twofish is pleased to announce partners Pocketville, Ignite Skill Gaming, Pangaea, Star Fever Agency and RevNjenz, all of whom will be implementing Twofish Elements to manage and grow their virtual economies.

Lisa Rutherford, President, Twofish:

"We're just delighted to contribute our expertise in post-purchase and economic reporting to such an amazing group of forward-thinking partners. Each of these applications is pushing the edges of its genre, and we are proud of the fact that we can free them to stay focused on their user experiences while we handle their economies. We look forward to helping them achieve their goals in both user engagement and revenue."

Summer Wells, MEG (Pocketville):

"MEG is excited to have Twofish handling the backend details for our virtual world, Pocketville. As an innovative toy manufacturer, we know the behavior of children and their parents off-line, but we're relying on Twofish to understand what users are doing online. From voucher management to game optimization, we are excited to work with Twofish to manage all aspects of our virtual economy and take the Pocketville brand to a new level of consumer engagement."

Steve Winyard, CEO, (The Rabbit Hole) Star Fever Agency:

"We are confident our partnership with Twofish will not only improve our virtual economy's key performance indicators but it will also help us breathe that 'real-life feel' into Star Fever Agency and strengthen the potential for growth. The Twofish team has been completely behind us from day one and they clearly understand what we are doing, care about making the project successful, and have engaged with us at a level rarely experienced in this day and age."

About Twofish

Twofish Elements is the only virtual economy data platform that harnesses powerful post-purchase intelligence to manage virtual economies for leading social, gaming and entertainment experiences. Combining deep virtual goods, virtual currency and account analytics with a fully-extensible data model and expert merchant services, Twofish ensures safety and security as our partners grow. Based in Palo Alto, California, Twofish is led by a team with world-class expertise in consumer Internet, electronic payments and economic research and is funded by Rustic Canyon, Triplepoint, and Venrock. For more information and opinions on virtual economies, please visit:,, and a video clip of Sean Ryan, Chairman and Co-Founder of Twofish (and CEO of Meez), on building successful virtual economies.

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