New Affordable Data Recovery Technology Introduced by Vision Solutions

RecoverNow Provides Significant Benefits and Savings Over Tape-Only Data Recovery Strategies

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - March 16, 2009) - Vision Solutions, a leading high availability and disaster recovery solutions provider in IBM (NYSE: IBM) Power Systems markets, announces RecoverNow, a highly-affordable data recovery and continuous data protection solution for companies seeking significant reduction to recovery point objectives (RPO) over a tape-only based strategy.

"A great advantage of using RecoverNow is the ability to know we can go back to specific points-in-time on our critical systems," says customer Jeff Winters, supervisor of systems analysis for Boone County, MO. "In addition, the automation this product provides reduces my system administration burden tremendously and its simple recovery processes allow much faster responses to everyday requests that are critical for our users."

Vision Solutions' RecoverNow benefits include:

--  Faster, more reliable and more complete recovery than from backup
    tapes alone.
--  Quickly and easily recover just one or many files, objects or
--  Powerful Continuous Data Protection (CDP) "rewind" capabilities to
    recover damaged or deleted data at any point in time.

"RecoverNow provides much faster, flexible recovery options for the small to mid-market IBM System i customer," says Alan Arnold, chief technology officer and executive vice president of Vision Solutions. "With RecoverNow, you can perform common or emergency recovery operations more effectively than with tape and provide unique flexibility to recover data at virtually any point in time."

Vision Solutions' RecoverNow fits into numerous existing infrastructures because it can use the storage available on virtually any platform as a target including Windows, Linux, IBM i, AIX or other UNIX versions. It can also support SAN or NAS environments as a target. This means SMB customers can reap countless benefits from RecoverNow's fast recovery and continuous data protection (CDP) without investing in a second IBM i server.

"With RecoverNow's economical price points, customers who rely solely on tape-based recovery strategies will find remarkable return on their investments," adds Vision Solutions' Senior Vice President of Marketing, Edward Vesely. "RecoverNow allows for dramatic reduction and even elimination of the expensive data loss normally experienced when recovering information from tape backups and it is a natural disaster recovery complement to any high availability environment."

RecoverNow works in conjunction with the IBM i Save While Active process to eliminate downtime when doing backups on the production system. For existing Vision HA customers, RecoverNow can be implemented in the environment to provide CDP capabilities on top of the data protection delivered with the HA software.

For more information, visit or download a free whitepaper about The Benefits of CDP Technology in IBM i (i5/OS) and AIX Environments.

About Vision Solutions

Vision Solutions, Inc. is the world's leading provider of high availability, disaster recovery and data management solutions for IBM® Power Systems (i and p platforms). With a portfolio spanning the industry's most innovative and trusted HA technologies from iTERA™, MIMIX® and ORION Solutions™, Vision keeps critical business information continuously protected and available. Affordable and easy to use, Vision products ensure business continuity, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and satisfy compliance requirements. Vision also offers advanced cluster management and systems management solutions, and support for i, Windows, and AIX operating environments. As IBM's largest high availability Premier Business Partner (NYSE: IBM), Vision Solutions oversees a global network of business partners and services and support professionals to help our customers achieve their business goals. Privately held by Thoma Bravo, Inc., Vision Solutions is headquartered in Irvine, California with offices worldwide. For more information, visit or call 800.957.4511.

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RecoverNow is a highly-affordable data recovery and continuous data protection solution for companies seeking significant reduction to recovery point objectives (RPO) over a tape-only based strategy.