TaxACT(R) Prices Remain Fixed for Late Filers

Rather Than Follow Suit of Its Leading Competitor, TaxACT Prices Will Remain Static Through April 15 for the Millions Who Have Yet to File Their 2008 Tax Returns

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA--(Marketwire - March 27, 2009) - Although some tax preparation software companies may raise prices for late filers, all TaxACT prices will remain steady through April 15. According to its Web site, Intuit® may raise prices for most of its TurboTax® Online(SM) products by $20 to $30 for the millions who don't file by March 27.

According to the IRS, 1 in 5 taxpayers wait until the final week to file by the April 15 deadline. Last year, 27.1 million taxpayers -- more than 20 percent -- waited to submit their income tax return.

In a year when tax returns e-filed from a home computer are at a record high of nearly 52 million(1), it would make perfect sense for 2nd Story Software®, Inc., the makers of TaxACT, to follow competitors' lead. However, company leaders believe taxpayers should not be punished for filing closer to April 15. Their view is rooted in the concept the company was founded upon -- that no one should have to pay to prepare their federal taxes.

"We believe taxpayers should have the choice to prepare their returns for free or at an affordable cost, regardless of whether they file on January 15 or April 15. That's why our prices have remained steady after they're set at the beginning of each tax year," explained Leigh Aragon, spokeswoman for 2nd Story Software, Inc.

TaxACT Standard allows all taxpayers, regardless of income level, to prepare, print and e-file their federal return for free. Designed for both simple and complex returns, TaxACT Standard includes forms and schedules that other free products do not, as well as maximum refund and accuracy guarantees and unlimited e-mail support from tax specialists. TaxACT Online Standard customers can prepare, print and e-file a state return for $13.95.

At $9.95, TaxACT Online Deluxe includes extra features, most notably phone support from tax specialists, audit-backed values for non-cash charitable donations and a FAFSA worksheet. TaxACT Online Ultimate Bundle, the highest priced TaxACT Online product at $16.95, allows customers to prepare, print and e-file both a federal and state return.

Despite the explosion of free federal tax preparation software in recent years, TaxACT has remained the No. 2 destination(2) for online tax preparation. TaxACT products continually provide users with well-informed tax strategies in an easy-to-use application, while maintaining focus on providing the best value for customers.

About TaxACT

TaxACT has been a complete Web-based tax resource for more than a decade. Our focus is on making tax preparation easy, fast, reliable and most importantly, affordable. TaxACT Standard was the first free federal electronic tax preparation program and the first to offer free printing and e-filing services to all American taxpayers. This focus has made TaxACT the No. 2 destination for online tax preparation(2). More information about TaxACT products is available at

About 2nd Story Software®, Inc.

2nd Story Software, Inc., a privately held company founded in 1998, is critically acclaimed as being a leader in developing and marketing affordable tax preparation software and Web-based services directly to consumers. The comprehensive suite of TaxACT products continues to empower its users to devise well-informed tax strategies with ease. More information about 2nd Story Software, Inc. is available at

(1) As of March 6, 2009, the IRS estimated the number of e-filed tax returns had increased 6 percent compared to the same time last year.

(2) According to collective week end reports for the Web site,, released by Hitwise™ during the 2005, 2006 and 2007 tax filing seasons.

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