Walmart Features 10 Products That Are Less Than $10 During Earth Month

BENTONVILLE, AR--(Marketwire - April 8, 2009) - For the second consecutive year, Walmart is celebrating Earth Month (April 2009) by making it easy for its 200 million shoppers to make eco-friendly choices at budget-friendly prices. Among the more than 500 Earth-friendly products available at Walmart stores and online at, 10 products that are less than $10 are being featured.


1. Earth Tees

  • 100% organic cotton t-shirts for the entire family
  • Available exclusively at Walmart
  • $4-$6 each

2. 10-Pack Recycled Hangers

  • Made from 100% recycled resin from various resources, including apparel hangers from Walmart
  • Available exclusively at Walmart
  • $1.25 per 10-pack

3. Hydration Water Bottles

  • Made with BPA-free materials
  • Available exclusively at Walmart
  • $4 each (32 oz. bottle)

4. Sustainable Picture Frames

  • Made from recycled material
  • Available exclusively at Walmart
  • $3.00 each

5. Walmart Reusable Bag

  • Made from 85% recycled content, and at the end of its life cycle, Walmart will recycle each bag
  • Holds more than twice the amount of an average plastic bag
  • $1 each

6. The Fragrance Collection by Glade Soy Candles

  • Each candle contains over 90% natural ingredients, including soy wax and palm wax.
  • The candles have a lead-free wick and no metal; fragrances are infused with essential oils.
  • $5.77 each (4.9 oz. candle)

7. Clorox GreenWorks Wipes

  • 99% natural with no harsh chemicals, fumes or residue
  • If all 200 million Walmart shoppers purchased one canister of GreenWorks wipes instead of a chemical based cleaning agent, it would prevent 12 million pounds of petroleum-based plastic from being produced.
  • $2.50 per canister

8. Gladiator Solar LED Lights

  • Solar powered
  • Easy to install; no wiring or tools required
  • $4 each

9. Tide Cold Water

  • Cold-water washing with Tide Cold Water can save a shopper more than $150 per year.
  • If all 200 million Walmart shoppers switched to washing in cold water with Tide Cold Water for 50 loads, they could save nearly $4 billion and 39 billion kilowatt-hours of energy.
  • $7.97 (50 oz. bottle, 26 loads)

10. Bonnie Premium Peat Pot with Vegetable or Herb Plant

  • Grown in plantable, 5-inch peat pot
  • $3.50 each


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8. Gladiator Solar Lights 5. Walmart Reusable Bag 6. Glade Soy Candle 4. Sustainable Picture Frame 10. Bonnie Peat Pot 7. Clorox GreenWorks Wipes 1. Earth Tee 9. Tide Cold Water 2. Recycled Hangers 3. Hydration Water Bottle