Tired of Big Green Lies? Tune In and Save the Planet by Putting Truth on Your Side

Sneak Peak and a Few Hard Truths From Seventh Generation's Jeffrey Hollender Available Today

BURLINGTON, VT--(Marketwire - April 16, 2009) - Finally, help arrives to separate "green" myth from fact with the help of Seventh Generation and the Fine Living Network. On April 22 -- Earth Day 2009 -- join environmental activist, advocate, and Seventh Generation President Jeffrey Hollender as he separates myth from reality when it comes to the conventional wisdom of green living. "Big Green Lies" airs at 9PM ET/PT, on FLN.

From the corridors of power to the halls of your home, follow the crew of BIG GREEN LIES as they perform mad science, track down the partisan experts, expert partisans, average citizens, rabid researchers, and other oracles who think they've got the ecological answers you're seeking. Tune in as host and Seventh Generation CEO Jeffrey Hollender dispatches his team of off-kilter operatives to locations around an overheated globe to separate ecological facts from fiction, addressing the issues that no one's had the chutzpah to take on until now. Take a sneak peak at some of our attitudes to a few myths (yes, yours and mine!) at http://www.biggreenlies.com.

"As the name implies, 'Big Green Lies' aims to reveal the falsehoods behind prevalent green myths and settle long-standing debates," said Jeffrey Hollender. "Our gang of green pundits will conduct person-on-the-street interviews, talk to experts and partisans, and concoct experiments that aim to better inform people about the facts of green living while uncovering the lies. We hope you find the show informative, funny, and clever, but never mean-spirited. We'll gauge the health, taste, and cost effects of going organic. We'll settle the debate over cloth vs. disposable diapers. Our crack investigative team will uncover the truth about 'grass-fed' beef: Is it really good for the environment? And we'll take on the Big Green Lie that the air quality in your home is better than it is outside. There are many, many Big Green Lies out there that need our attention." Take a sneak peak at http://www.biggreenlies.com and find out if your attitudes, ideas and knowledge match those of our own men (and women) on the street!


Seventh Generation is committed to being the most trusted brand of household and personal-care products for your living home. Their products are healthy and safe for the air, the surfaces, the fabrics, the pets, and the people within your home -- and for the community and environment outside of it. Jeffrey Hollander has led Seventh Generation from its humble beginnings to its current position as the leading and fastest-growing brand of natural products for the home, and the leading authority on issues related to making a positive difference in the health of the planet and its inhabitants through our everyday choices. Jeffrey frequently addresses social and environmental responsibility at regional, national, and international venues, and is often asked by other companies to consult on sustainability. His blog, Inspired Protagonist, is a closely followed resource and guide for spotlighting socially responsible business practices and principles on the global stage. Jeffrey is the author of several books, including "What Matters Most" and "Naturally Clean."


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