Mechdyne and Scalable Graphics Announce Partnership for 3D Visualization Software and Graphics Acceleration

Complementary Products and Services Expand Offerings and Capabilities for Digital Prototyping, Simulation, Geosciences, Research and Life Sciences Applications

MARSHALLTOWN, IA and NANCY, FRANCE--(Marketwire - April 27, 2009) - Mechdyne Corporation and Scalable Graphics SAS announced that they have entered into a partnership for sales and integration of advanced visualization software and services. The companies have complementary software products that offer a combination of performance enhancements and display and interaction options for viewing and manipulation of desktop computer graphics applications such as CATIA, Pro/Engineer, NX, 3ds Max, Solidworks, ESRI, Google Earth and others in large-scale, high-resolution display environments.

Scalable Graphics is now a reseller of Mechdyne's software products with particular emphasis on Conduit™. Mechdyne's Conduit software enables Open GL applications to be displayed in advanced visualization environments including multi-wall and multi-projector systems such as the CAVE™, PowerWall™, Tiled Walls and Reality Centers. Users can easily stream their desktop visuals to any of these environments, enhancing perspective and promoting collaboration for faster, more intuitive design reviews and visual simulations.

Mechdyne now offers the Scalable Graphics Direct Transport Compositor (DTC), which enables display of complex computer models at higher frame rates with improved interaction speeds and image quality. DTC incrementally accelerates an application's performance by distributing the rendering across any number of CPUs and GPUs to produce a single composite image. Additionally, DTC can reduce image artifacts through distributed anti-aliasing techniques that can smooth jagged edges for improved image quality.

Conduit and DTC can be used together for unprecedented scaling of both performance and displays. With a combination of these two software tools, users can review large models faster and experience them in ultra high resolution advanced visualization environments.

"With these two technologies, there are no limitations to increasing performance, display resolution and virtual reality capabilities," said Matt Szymanski, vice president of Mechdyne's Software Division. "With this partnership, Mechdyne adds a key technology that will help us meet the needs of performance demanding customers."

"Combining Conduit and Direct Transport Compositor enables virtually any desktop application to be displayed in an immersive environment with stunning visual performances," said Jan Rendek, chief marketing officer of Scalable Graphics. "This partnership will shift the paradigms of visualization cluster design. Visual performance can be defined by the designer, instead of being imposed by hardware limitations."

Turn-key integration of the software and graphics computing systems are available through either company. Mechdyne can also include design and installation of the advanced display environments. Professional services, training and maintenance programs for all products are also available.

About Mechdyne Corporation

Mechdyne Corporation is the world's largest company dedicated to consulting and development of turnkey advanced AV, immersive 3D, networked and collaborative visualization solutions. The company addresses complex projects where in-depth understanding of user requirements leads to the development of products and customized solutions involving elements of display, graphics computing, software and professional services. Headquartered in Marshalltown, Iowa, Mechdyne's customers include leading government laboratories, military research programs, energy companies and a variety of 'edutainment,' manufacturing, and other users of visualization technology. More information is available at

About Scalable Graphics

Scalable Graphics is an international company specializing in fast parallel rendering and parallel computing for 3D visualization applications. Its mission is to help our customers visualize and analyze bigger datasets at higher frame rates by aggregating multiple graphics and computing resources. Headquartered in Nancy, France, Scalable Graphics is an international company operating all around the world and focusing in vertical industries like Oil & Gas, Automotive, Manufacturing, Simulation, Scientific Research and Life Sciences. More information is available at

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