ORSYP Announces FY09 Record Results Outperforming Market Growth Rate in IT Sector

PARIS--(Marketwire - April 28, 2009) - ORSYP, worldwide provider of IT Operations Management solutions and services, today announced record revenues for fiscal year 2009 ending March 31st. The company achieved more than 15 percent growth year-over-year, which exceeded overall IT market growth of 6 - 7 percent. During its fiscal year 2009, ORSYP secured new customers across the globe including Orange UK and TF1. These results demonstrate that organizations worldwide are turning ORSYP's job scheduling and IT automation solutions to optimize their IT infrastructures in support of their cost reduction initiatives in an uncertain global economy.

"Two key factors have contributed to our growth. Firstly, our successful reshuffling and expansion of worldwide geographies, most notably in North America, has resulted in key sales and a strong pipeline of future wins. Secondly, the ongoing expansion of our IT product offering including our new IT infrastructure automation product, UniJob®, has quickly boosted sales in all regions and a brings a truly unique offering to the IT automation market," said CEO Francois-Xavier Floren.

Since the management buyout with the European private equity firm Argos Soditic in December 2007, ORSYP has accelerated its geographic expansion, enhanced its product portfolio and increased the time to market for new products and services. In fiscal year 2009, The company was able to achieve its strategic objectives and grow its business despite the worldwide economic downturn. In addition to growing its revenues by 15 percent, the company increased its headcount by 15 percent, expanded its ITIL and IT Governance offerings and enhanced its customer service.

"In FY10, whilst continuing our investment into new IT Operations Management products, we will also protect our independence with a solid balance sheet. In addition, we will ensure that we do not lose sight of our customers' ongoing needs and our competitors' positions," said CEO Francois-Xavier Floren. "ORSYP's mission is to provide IT Operations with the assurance that their service Time To Delivery (TTD) is properly and effectively managed. Strategic partnerships will also be part of our core strategy to realize our objectives in FY10."

Highlights of fiscal year 2009 include:

Global Customer Success:

--  VIA Rail Canada, University of Manitoba, Totobit, Carrefour Italia,
    Carya Group and SABAM

Product enhancements:

--  UNIJOB: An IT system task automation tool for data centers and large
    IT environments that consolidates tasks across UNIX and Windows.
--  VMware Automation Package: Solution package that helps IT Operations
    meet challenges associated with virtualization and IT automation by
    providing a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box housekeeping and
    maintenance jobs to automate the administration and optimization of virtual
--  Dollar Universe Reporter: New feature gives managers new insights into
    their operations by comparing performance across multiple sites or
    different environments, evaluating trends, and measuring performance
    against key indicators.
--  Enhanced Integration: Further integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX
    2009, Microsoft Service Center Operations Management 2007, Microsoft
    Service Center Operations Management 2005 and Oracle e-Business Suite.

Technology Partnerships:

--  VMWare: ORSYP became a select partner in VMware's TAP Partner Program
--  SAP AG: ORSYP was accepted to the SAP® PartnerEdge™ program for
    SAP software solution partners

About ORSYP (www.orsyp.com)

ORSYP was founded in 1986 with the single focus of delivering best-in-class IT automation solutions using cutting-edge technology. Over the years ORSYP has established a worldwide reputation for business-friendly job scheduling and job management solutions and excellence in customer care. ORSYP continuously strives to innovate in this area with solutions that are practical for today and tomorrow's IT and business needs.

Companies around the world -- from Global 500s to small independent companies -- use ORSYP job scheduling software to modernize and standardize IT automation enterprise-wide. By providing one standard automation tool across the enterprise, more processes can be automated and managed; improving IT operations productivity, reducing costs, and enhancing IT service delivery to the core business. With more than a thousand customers, ORSYP's flagship solution, Dollar Universe™, provides a key IT infrastructure component to companies in industries such as retail, banking, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, and services.