China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. on Regulation SHO Threshold List and Management Anticipates Buy-In

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - May 15, 2009) - China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. (OTCBB: CCTR) (OTCBB: CCSE) announced today that the Company was listed on the Regulation SHO "threshold security" list yesterday May 14, 2009 (link: Management anticipates a possible buy-in that could result in an increased share price. As defined in Rule 203(c)(6) of Regulation SHO, a "threshold security" is any equity security of any issuer that is registered under Section 12 of the Exchange Act, or that is required to file reports under Section 15(d) of the Exchange Act (commonly referred to as reporting securities), where, for five consecutive settlement days:

--  There are aggregate fails to deliver at a registered clearing agency
    of 10,000 shares or more per security;
--  The level of fails is equal to at least one-half of one percent of the
    issuer's total shares outstanding; and
--  The security is included on a list published by a self-regulatory
    organization (SRO).

A security ceases to be a threshold security if it does not exceed the specified level of fails for five consecutive settlement days. The Company will be available to answer questions regarding CCTR's listing on the Regulation SHO list and questions regarding possible short sales and buy-ins to cover possible short sales.

Ticker Symbol Change to CCTR

Earlier this week, the Company's corporate ticker symbol changed from (OTCBB: CCSE) to "CCTR." The corporate ticker change has been executed in conjunction with a publicly disclosed plan to reduce the number of issued and outstanding common shares and to limit the issue of additional shares in the future.

China Crescent has received many shareholder questions concerning Company shares they hold in various on-line brokerage accounts such as TDAmeritrade, E*Trade, Schwab, and Scottrade. Due to the Company's ticker symbol change from "CCSE" to "CCTR" this week, shareholders are encouraged to contact their on-line brokerage services directly to discuss their access to their shares.

China Crescent CCTR Ticker and PPS Growth Webcast

China Crescent has released an on-demand Webcast on the Company's strategy to gain share price traction and improve the potential return on investment for shareholders with a target price per share of $0.30. The Company reported over $40 million in revenue for 2008 with more than $600,000 in net income, while the share price resulted in a market capitalization that amounted to a fraction of the Company's annual earnings. A number of publicly traded technology service companies today have share prices that reflect many times earnings, even in the current economic environment. The Webcast is now available for review on the Company website. A link to the Webcast titled 'China Crescent CCTR Ticker and PPS Growth (May 13, 2009)' is available on the Company website under Current Events and Communications at: For assistance accessing or listening to the Webcast, please email or call 214-722-3065.

Corporate E-mail Updates

To be added to China Crescent's e-mail database to receive company updates or to obtain more information on the Company, please send an e-mail to or call 214-722-3065.

About China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. (

China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. is a technology leader in the rapidly developing Chinese market specializing today in software engineering, high quality software development and digital multimedia outsourcing services delivered to customers globally. At the same time, the firm is a systems integrator and value added reseller of major global hardware brands in the Chinese domestic market.

Headquartered in Dallas with operations in Shanghai and Beijing, China Crescent bridges the gap between Western and Eastern business cultures to assist western clients in realizing the advantages of the high quality, low cost technology products and services available from China. China Crescent also assists Western clients in localizing products and services to realize the tremendous growth potential available by expanding into the Chinese Market.


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