How Michael Vick Can Turn Himself Around

Expert on Leadership Lays Out Roadmap for Vick's Return to Freedom and Football

BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwire - May 15, 2009) - Stop the world. Michael Vick wants to get back on.

More than a year since he went to jail on dog fighting charges, he is preparing his re-entry into a world that no longer cares if he succeeds. However, according to his appearance in front of a bankruptcy judge in early April, he is basing his ability to pay off his creditors on becoming a quarterback in the NFL.

Returning to a leadership role of that nature won't be easy, though, according to executive coach Michael Schutzler, author of the book "Inspiring Excellence - A Path to Exceptional Leadership from Book Publisher's Network" (

"Leadership isn't something you get with a title or a job," he said. "Leadership is a relationship. In Michael's case as a quarterback, his relationship with his teammates, fans, and coaches. After being humbled by his conviction and bankruptcy, returning to a leadership role will require tapping that new reservoir of humility for years to come."

Schutzler's view of leadership is different from that of that many academics and executive coaches. His pragmatic approach to leadership includes:

--  Leadership isn't a character trait. It's a learned behavior.
--  There are only four essential skills -- listening, storytelling,
    negotiating, and assessing people -- each easily practiced
--  Those four skills serve as the foundation for successfully attracting
    talent, reaching consensus, making tough choices, and harnessing ambition
--  Deliberate practice of these skills and functions is already
    exceptional leadership

"More than anything, good judgment comes from listening," he added. "I don't mean hearing well. I mean putting down your opinions, your wants, your concerns and paying close attention to the situation or person you are assessing. When you do that, you often face deep doubt. That doubt held at bay with a fear of failure leads to bravado and poor judgment. But when that doubt is observed and embraced it becomes your source of greatness. Once Michael Vick fully accepts responsibility for his behavior and acknowledges that the role of quarterback is a privilege given by his coaches, teammates and fans, he takes the first step on a path to leadership excellence."

About Michael Schutzler

Michael Schutzler is a successful business coach with more than a dozen years' experience coaching and mentoring CEOs, executives, and board members.

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